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By Hilda Parrish

30 Years Ago (March 18, 1982)
The Trimble County Fiscal Court approved an ordinance authorizing the issuance of $27,500,000 of pollution control revenue bonds to provide pollution control facilities for the LG&E Company’s generating plant at Wise’s Landing in Trimble County. The Bonds are solely the obligation of Louisville Gas and Electric Company, and no county funds of any sort will ever be involved in paying principal of and interest on the bonds.

Southern Health Services and the thousands of people from Oldham, Trimble and Henry counties were told Monday that the proposed new hospital in LaGrange was not needed.

Deaths: Jennings B. Greenwood, 85, Milton; Herbert Ralston, 68, Bennington; Emma Beaumont, 90, Indianapolis, formerly of Bedford.

50 Years Ago (March 15, 1962)
Cisterns and wells covered by surface flood waters should be pumped out, sterilized with a strong chlorine solution and then refilled with safe water, according to Logan Lanham, Trimble County Health Department Sanitarian. Now that flood waters have receded, you should do this. Mr. Lanham explains that one ounce of chloride, two level tablespoonful, of lime will sterilize 4,000 gallons of water.

Spring is here and so are the gougers, chiselers, gypers, smooth thieves and many other guises of the “old skin game,” which all boils down to the stark fact that a lot of good honest Trimble County people get ‘suckered’ by these sharp ones. Be aware, trade with people you know. Be skeptical of a stranger with a ‘deal.’

No deaths reported this week.

70 Years Ago (March 12, 1942)
 If you come within the group for whom returns of your federal income tax return is required, you have only until midnight, March 16, in which to file a return.

Under a federal mandate, Mr. Wallace Wright has been appointed explosive licensing agent for Trimble County. He has control over the sale and distribution of all explosives that are sold in quantity lots. Any dealer in the county who deals in dynamite, dynamite caps, fuses, and bulk powder must secure licenses for the sale of such. This action does not include the sale of small arms ammunition.

Every award that could be gleaned from the district basketball tournament held in Trimble, Oldham and Henry counties last week, was carried back to Trimble by the two strongest teams ever to meet in hardwood competition in this area, when the Milton Panthers took the championship, with the TCHS Blue Demons as their running mate for second honors. During the district meet the Demons scored a total of 191 points and the Panthers collected a total of 176 markers.

Deaths: Harvey Leroy Jacobs, 51, Mt. Tabor neighborhood.

 80 Years Ago (March 17, 1932)
According to County Agent Orem LaMaster, hog cholera has broken out on the farm of Captain Blaine Short below Ewingford. He purchased 41 stock hogs at Eminence through a sales company on the first day of March. On Wednesday one of these hogs was sick and, after losing several head, a veterinarian was called and pronounced the hogs dying with hog cholera. Farmers should be careful when purchasing stock hogs and keep them separate from others for a week to see if they are healthy. Neighboring farmers to Captain Short should have their hogs vaccinated against cholera by an accredited veterinarian, said Mr. LeMaster.

Deaths Mrs. George Douglas, 44, LaGrange; Ambrose D. Cassity, 78, Madison, Ind.

Hilda Parrish is office manager of The Trimble Banner. She is an avid historian and genealogist and a long-time Bedford resident.