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By Hilda Parrish

30 Years Ago (Feb. 11, 1982)
Milton customers may be served by Carrollton Utilities. The Carrollton Utilities Co. may purchase the franchise whereby the Indiana Gas Co., Inc., sells natural gas to customers in Milton, according to information given to Gary Rowlett, Milton Mayor. Spokesman for Carrollton Utilities said there would be no hike in charge and that rates could be a bit cheaper. It is not a done deal, but speculations are pointing in that direction.

Trimble County Fiscal Court went into special session Monday evening, voted unanimously to allow the Trimble County Water District NO. 1 operational facilities in the brick building west of the courthouse. The collector of water payments will also collect for the sewer and run the EMS base radio system from 9-4 Monday thru Friday.

Where is Forest Vest? No one seems to know. His family reported him missing from Hanover, Ind. in Aug. 1980. Indiana State Trooper Dwight Proffett was here last week making inquiries. His investigation kept leading him to Trimble County. David Craig was sheriff in 1980 and remembered he had brought Vest into Bedford on a complaint made by a neighbor. In custody, he gave his name as John Jenkins with a birth date of 11-22-37. After a criminal activity check came up clean, he was released and thought he had gone back to Hanover, but on Aug. 14, 1980 it was reported that he was last seen July 4, 1980 in Spring Creek Bottom. His mother and brother came from Lancaster, Ind. and upon being shown a picture, Sheriff Craig identified him as Forest Vest and not John Jenkins. Anyone having knowledge of his (Vest’s) whereabouts was instructed to call the Indiana State Police Post in Sellersburg, Ind.

Deaths: Oather P. “Darby” Hamilton, 82, Madison, Ind, formerly of Milton; Milo E. Vail, 90, Scottsburg, Ind., “Mr. Fixit” of Trimble County.

70 Years Ago (Feb. 5, 1942)
Town Board authorized waste pick-up in the city limits beginning Feb. 12. Every citizen within the town limits is urged to take advantage of this system and aid in cleaning up the city’s back streets and alleys. The services are met by funds from the general expense fund of the town and therefore no charge will apply.

R.E. Clem, Treasurer of Trimble County, ran the Treasurer’s report for the year July 1, 1940-July 1, 1941. It showed in recapitulation that all receipts were $51,863.09; total disbursements were $37,579.68 and the balance on hand to all funds on July 1, 1941 was $14,28341.

The sudden change in the weather slowed up plantbed sowing, but some mighty good crops are being grown around the stove at the store.

Deaths: Ed Holcomb, Bedford; Sid Shepherd, Hickory Grove neighborhood, John Powell, Sligo; Henry Aldridge, 53, Sligo.

80 Years Ago (Feb. 11, 1932)
Work started Saturday on wrecking the Bedford Garage building, where the Standard Oil Company will erect a new and modern garage and filling station in the “Y” at the intersection of State road 37 with U.S. Hwy. 42. The Bedford Garage Company, composed of C.H, Kidwell, JK. Garriott and B.A. Hutcherson have moved their equipment temporarily to the blacksmith shop behind the postoffice, where they will continue their repair work. They expect to be back in the new building in about three weeks.

Under the supervision of county officers, the courthouse yard here is being leveled and improved with dirt excavated from the site of the new Bedford Garage. An arrangement was effected whereby the county road crew under the supervision of A.B. Lehue is removing the dirt from the garage construction job and hauling it to the square, where it is used in filling up the low places in the yard. This has always been needed, especially since U.S. 42 was completed, making Main street a good deal higher, and causing water to stand in pools on the lawn in rainy times.

A few flakes of snow fell Tuesday shortly before noon, but Wednesday dawned warm and the mercury in the early morning registered 60.

Hilda Parrish is office manager of The Trimble Banner. She is an avid historian and genealogist and a long-time Bedford resident.