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By Hilda Parrish

30 Years Ago (Nov. 26, 1981)

School board members Carole Martin, Glenn Fisher, James McMahan, Jack Carder, Wendell Williams and Superintendent Bill Stout were optimistic about Trimble’s educational facilities Thursday night at the new high school building’s open house. The school, nearly completed, will cost $2,700,000. Construction funds were generated from a special voted school building fund tax and a $933,525 grant from the Kentucky School Building Authority.

Burley growers were delighted with Monday’s opening sales, and observers noticed how much more interested tobacco farmers seemed to be. The consistent price per pound on opening day was $1.83, which was upward from $1.66 last year. Tobacco was delivered to warehouses in three different ways this year-sheeted, hand tied and baled.

Deaths: Bertha Barringer, 62, Versailles, Ind.; Fannie A. Taylor Harmon, 75, Madison, Ind. George Lee McClellan, 81, Bedford.

 70 Years ago (Nov. 20, 1941)

Burley Markets opened doors to receive tobacco for their Dec. 2 sales. Parity price as fixed by legislation will be better than 21 cents per pound, three cents higher than last season’s average.

Thieves entered the pool room Tuesday night and entertained themselves to several bottles of beer before carting off their loot of cigarettes and tobacco. Officials found a broken window and it was reported that 20 cartons of cigarettes and some cigars were taken.

Ending the first full week of activity in the annual roll call for the American Red Cross, 152 names have been added to the honor roll making a great dent in the goal of 300 members for the local chapter.

“The school’s on fire!” was the cry heard throughout the Milton schoolhouse on Friday morning. As the women were working in the lunchroom, one of them saw a great ball of smoke come out of the home economics room floor. In a few seconds the news was spread all over the building, and flocks of children started coming out of the building. The high school boys helped Mr. Wilkinson chop the floor and put the fire out. It took about fifteen minutes to put it out. Afterwards, when everybody had calmed down, the students came back into the building and school activities began again. The cause was unknown, but there was a hole in the floor and paper, matches, marbles and pencils were found in it.

Deaths: Mary Fisher Harmon, 64, Bedford; Henry Merritt, 84, father of Mrs. Gus Shemfessel, Winchester; Laura Miller, Milton; Julia White, Morton Ridge.

80 Years ago (Nov. 26, 1931)

 At the called meeting of fiscal court Monday, it was voted six to one to continue the county agent’s position for another year. Prof. Orem LaMaster was re-employed with the sum of $800 to pay the county’s part of his salary and auto expense for one year. It was also ordered that an appropriation of $109.20 be made to cover expenses of an office, telephone and lights for another year.

County road crew under the supervision of Mr. Ada Lehue, is now busy spreading a new gravel surface on the road from Bedford to Wise’s Landing. They have done a lot of work on roads all over the county during the past summer and it is hoped their efforts will result in a permanent improvement of the highway system.

Thursday of last week, Mr. W.T. Bare, acquired an option on the John Stanley property on the corner of Main and Church streets and expects to complete the details of the trade and take possession of the property some time this week. The Hotel, the Bedford Sweet Shoppe, the Bedford Community Store and the living apartments on the second floor will not be affected by the transfer of property. Mr. Bare will continue to operate his lunch and pool room in its present location.

Prominent Trimble Physician Dr. B.O. Rand, 60, died at his home near Leeport, last Saturday.
Other deaths: L.C. McDole, 18 month-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom McDole, Bedford.

Hilda Parrish is office manager of The Trimble Banner. She is an avid historian and genealogist and a long-time Bedford resident.