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By Hilda Parrish

30 Years Ago (Nov. 12, 1981)

The Banner has a new home. And that home has history to appreciate. Claude Terrell had stables in it and housed a couple of immaculately groomed black horses he used to pull an ornate black funeral coach. As time went on the building became a garage and Model-T Ford sales place. After the 1937 flood, Julian Pecar had suffered a loss of his store in Milton and was searching for a new place on higher ground. After Julian died, his stock of merchandise was sold, and the store became empty and quiet. Then Kenneth Foree came along and turned the building into West St. Wares, and antiques were generously interwoven into gifts galore. It was a Walt Disney kind of store. Afterwards it was again a storage place for a while except in part of the building Mr. Foree continued his aptness at wood working. Now the type setting machines drown out the hoof shuffling of a couple of black hearse horses, the chatter of a choking Model-T, and the dolls and Teddy bears talking. Newspapers record it, so it ever will be on the frazzling yellow sheets for the unborn to see.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rowlett moved from their farm to Bedford and are celebrating 62 years of marriage in their new home.

Lizzie Abbott was in hospital and someone broke the glass out of her front door and came in. Things in the house were torn up into a messy disarray, cabinet and dresser drawers pulled open and the contents thrown all over the floor. But nothing was missing. Looters were apparently looking for money and they will become careless enough to get caught.

Deaths: Parker Helton, 74, Madison, Ind.   

70 Years ago (Nov. 6, 1941)

The Bedford Loan & Deposit Bank celebrated its Golden anniversary on Sunday, Nov. 2. This was the day when the financial institution rounded out fifty years of service to its customers in Trimble County.

Only 720 votes were cast in Election last Tuesday, one of the smallest number of votes in the history of the county.

There is being operated in the school a lunchroom sponsored by the PTA. Run by two WPA workers, from about 1,500 quarts of vegetables canned this summer, 100 free lunches are served daily.

A big crowd attended the Halloween Social Friday night at the Trimble County High School building. There was music, food, and games, but the main entertainment attraction was the big bingo stand in the center of the gymnasium. The social was described as being the most successful and enjoyable held here in many years. Rain later in the night dampened the spirits of would-be pranksters and a minimum of mischief was noted here the next morning.  

Deaths: Victor C. Miles, 78, Indianapolis, formerly of Trimble County.

80 Years ago (Nov. 12, 1931)

Results from the operation of a bus every hour from Milton to the business district in Madison last Saturday were not as encouraging as the supporters of the service had hoped for, but in order to give the service a fair trial and determine whether regular service is advisable, the bus will be operated again this coming Saturday, Nov. 14.

Blue Demons of Trimble County High School journeyed to Sulphur Tuesday night in the first game of the basketball season and defeated them by a score of 16-8. The next game is with Milton here next week.

Mr. and Mrs. Lyle R. Wood are homesteading 300 acres about a hundred miles from Los Angeles. They have built a home on the ranch, and by living on the property and making certain improvements for seven months out of each year for three consecutive years, they will receive a deed to the ranch. It is in the fruit section and they expect to have it irrigated from the Big Boulder dam. They drive forty miles to Mohave and back every Tuesday for their copy of the Trimble Democrat.
The Ford coupe stolen several weeks ago from Raymond Pyles’ garage was found in Kokomo, Ind.

Deaths: Henry S. Richmond, 93, Canip.
Hilda Parrish is office manager of The Trimble Banner. She is an avid historian and genealogist and a long-time Bedford resident.