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By Hilda Parrish

30 Years Ago (Sept. 24, 1981)
 Trimble County Marching Band continued their winning streak in Alexandria Ky. on Saturday by placing second out of eight bands. They recently received a superb first place trophy at Harrison County. They will continue their contest at Adair Co. on October 10 and at Moore on October 24.

Larry Chandler, Mike Wright and Russ Smith responded to a call at 6 a.m. Monday from a frantic gentleman saying his wife was about ready to give birth to their fourth child. The EMT’s responded and found that birth was indeed eminent. As the ambulance hurried toward Madison, the baby hurriedly came as they approached Cooper clinic. Chandler and Wright delivered the baby boy as Smith went to get Dr. Cooper. The delivery was normal and mother and child were transported on to the hospital in Madison in good condition.

Mr. And Mrs. Carroll Gosman got to fly to Tallahassee, Fla. with the U of L football team, Van Vance and Dave Conrad by simply listening to the radio. Mrs. Gosman said she entered all contest and had won other things, but this was way bigger then the t-shirt she had won that got her name in the drawing for this trip.

Births: Kelli Ann Martin, Brooke Michelle Cutshaw, Casey Renea Louden, Brooke Renae Sabo.  

Deaths: Elwood Center, 56, Milton; Harry Chilton, 90, Campbellsburg; Albert L. Scott Sr., Wises Landing.

50 Years ago (Sept. 21, 1961)
 A garment factory representative, a subsidiary of the largest garment manufacturing concern in America, has sent a letter to local leaders as to their intent to build a 15,000 to 30,000 sq ft plant in Trimble County.
Arson suspected in a blaze at the home of George Carson on highway 421 north around 12:20 Thursday morning.

Deaths: German Roberts, 63, Hardy Creek; Byron Bacon Black, Louisville.   

 70 Years ago (Sept. 18, 1941)
 With the fiscal court and the school board signing contracts for rental of four and two hydrants respectively, the water works program was given a new impetus and pushed further along toward its eventual completion. In taking these steps the court and board of education have not relieved the situation to such an extent that no more private water connections will be needed. With their action the town is relieved from financing six of the sixteen proposed fire hydrants, and the need for additional private water contracts still exists, and must be met before construction can begin.

Another school year opened here Monday with enough students attending to bring the enrollment up to capacity, not including those expected to enter school within the next week or ten days. The first eight grades alone account for 360 students and the four classes in high school list over 120 students, with additional enrollments expected. During the summer three teachers resigned and last week the board had two more resignations. They have hired two new teachers, but will not offer commerce or typing due to the lack of teachers.

In Milton the total for the 12 grades is 277 pupils with the upper grades having 69 of those. This grand total is the highest on record for MHS and surely betokens the most prosperous and successful year.     

80 Years ago (Sept. 24, 1931)
 Trimble County High and graded schools opened Monday, Sept. 21, as was the first day of autumn. The grades are on the first two floors and the high school is on the third floor of the new building. After the morning assembly and students went to their homerooms, a head count showed 334 students in the Trimble County graded and high school.

Down in Milton, Professor England and the high schools boys worked all summer to pipe water from the never failing spring near the top of the old Milton Hill. The water runs underground the entire distance to the building, which makes it almost ice cold for drinking purposes and the force of gravity exercised because of the height from which it comes furnishes power enough to throw a stream entirely over the building, which will be convenient in case of fire.

 Deaths: Annie Morgan, 59, at the home of a son in Louisville; Mrs. Sallie Dawson, 39, wife of W. L. Dawson, owner and publisher of the Oldham Era.

Hilda Parrish is office manager of The Trimble Banner. She is an avid historian and genealogist and a long-time Bedford resident.