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By Hilda Parrish

30 Years Ago (Sept. 10, 1981)

 W.R. Abbott, Bedford postmaster, presented Coleman Sibley and Glenn Allen Fisher pins representing at least 25 years of service for the Federal government not only as postal service but military service and other federal civilian service.

School started September 1, and students returned to all new facilities this year. Trimble County took advantage of federal funds and passed a tax levy to become one of the few places in the nation to build a new school plant.

Milton Elementary added two new classrooms, two additional restrooms, a library and large storage area. The middle school has taken over the old high school.

The new high school is not completed and was not promised by the contractor until mid-October, but state attendance laws dictated utilization of the premises now. Larry Moore, principal and his staff, the lunchroom staff and the valiant students are going ahead with the business of education as usual in spite of work and organizational moving by Walter Payton and his small army of conscientious men and the contractor’s personnel.
Bedford Elementary has moved from many buildings scattered here and there to the first floor of the old high school. School enrollment is down from last year. There is a difference of one pupil for the 1981-82 school year and the enrollment for the year 1971.

Jerry Moore was burned over most of his body Saturday night when he used a lighter to burn some trash that had been soaked with gasoline. His wife, Debbie, fought the flames as his 10-year-old daughter, Jennifer, called for help. He was given first aid by the Bedford EMS and taken to Norton’s, but they were full. He was treated at University Hospital and transferred to Baptist East. He was released Monday but will have to stay homebound because of the likelihood of infection.

Deaths: Emma Rae Chilton, 99, Turners Station.

 70 Years ago (Sept. 4, 1941)

 Bobby Jackson turned in 31.2 pounds of foil this week and collected the tickets to the Royal Theatre in Carrollton. Saturday will be the fifth and final week. Winner of the weigh-in will get to go to Louisville and present the foil to the children’s hospital for the purpose of being melted into various novelties which will be sold by the hospital to increase the general fund. Mr. Jesse Lee estimates about 50 pounds of foil will be taken to Louisville.

Marcus L. Harmon has been promoted to the rank of Corporal in Company G of the 11th Infantry Regiment in Fort Custer, Mich.

George Chapman, whose number is coming up pretty soon by the selective service board, has made his choice of service by offering himself as a Navy recruit.  

Deaths: William Thomas Conn, 72, former resident.

80 Years ago (Sept. 10, 1931)

 Judge Peak dismissed the case against two Oldham county patrolmen who were brought up on charges of making arrests for traffic violations, then making cash settlements with offenders on the roadway. The judge could find no consistency in witnesses’ testimonies and dismissed the case and restored the patrolmen to regular police duties but not to patrol the new highway between Louisville and Bedford that runs through Oldham County.

The Trimble County High School and the graded school here will not begin until Monday, Sept. 21. All other county schools will begin next Monday, Sept. 14.