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Stories from the Trimble Banner archives

By Hilda Parrish

30 Years Ago –
Feb. 12, 1981

With some pre-construction phases completed and others nearing a finish, the Milton sewer system should be under construction, according to information given this week by Gary Rowlett, Milton Town Board Chairman. Instead of a lagoon-type plant, the Milton system will have what is known as a package plant – more like a big subdivision plant. It is very innovative in design and will save energy, Rowlett said. Bidders on the system are said to be numerous in prospect, and once it is let for bids the competition should be conducive to bidders within the money range, he summarized.
Progress is going good on extensions of the Trimble County Water District No. 1, as workmen of United Pipeline are digging in vicinity of the William Barnes residence down Rd. 625 and will continue as right-of-way problems are being resolved. United Pipeline has been working a normal crew, but a greater work force will likely be busy in the springtime. Merle Jackson, water commissioner, said Trimble Water District No. 1 services 100 users on the West Carroll system. He said there are 108 paid-up new users and 126 have indicated they will use the service. LG&E will have a tank on their property across the road from Gilbert Heaton, and their planned use is 47 gallons a minute at peak load for their Wise’s Landing plant.

50 years ago –
Feb. 16, 1961

Thieves took their time at Bedford elementary school Saturday night, and finally summed up their take in the amount of around $100 and a small radio. Their methodically ransacking indicated that they spent considerable time in their pursuit of money. Sheriff Clifford Pyles said Joe Wilson, state detective, is investigating the case, and that the thieves were generous with fingerprints and other clues.
Bedford Volunteer firemen will launch a drive Monday evening to enlarge their fold of subscribers. Call service is a good investment for the subscriber at $5 per year. The department now has 250 paid subscribers for the year. Chief Carroll Morgan injects the “plug” that the firemen will be selling fish on Election Day in May.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Sachleben celebrated their 50th anniversary at St. Peter’s Lutheran church in Hunter’s Bottom.
Deaths: Dewitt Nowlin, 47, Pleasant Retreat neighborhood; Nettie Miller Barrickman, 84, Milton.

70 years ago –
Feb. 20, 1941

Trimble County High School and Bedford Consolidated has 490 students enrolled. There were recorded 267 absentees last week due to measles and flu. Therefore, it is decided that in all fairness to those who want to get the most out of school, we would postpone school for one week. That means that some may clear up the measles and a great many may be able to get back next Tuesday, Feb. 25, when we again resume our work.
Happy birthday to us, the Trimble Democrat as today, Thursday, Feb. 20, another milestone in the variegated life of this country newspaper is quietly observed. The Trimble News, a small sheet of unknown circulation, edited by that veteran Editor D.T. Wright, made its appearance on Feb. 20, 1879.
Deaths: George Marshall Chandler, 68, Town Branch; Mrs. Maggie Staples Rowlett, 68, Bryantsburg, Ind., formerly of Trimble County; Mrs. Elisha Liter, 75, Milton.

80 years ago –
Feb. 19, 1931

The February term of the Trimble Fiscal Court was held at the Courthouse Monday, Feb. 16. Judge W.C. Morgan presiding and magistrates W.D. Pierce, D.H. Stark, L.A. Ward and J.E. Alexander present. It was noted that the assessment on the Milton-Madison Bridge for the year 1930 was $1,199,650. The tax on the bridge was $21,029.83; penalty and interest was $1,472.09, making a total of $22,501.92 tax. A check for this amount was received by Sheriff Suddith Feb. 14. This is county and school tax alone, and the check is the largest ever received for taxes by a Sheriff of Trimble County. The bridge was listed for 1931 tax at $50,000. The County Board of Supervisors raised it to $600,000. From this increase, the bridge company will appeal to the courts, the company contending that the real value of the bridge for taxation should not exceed $350,000.
Deaths: Richard Tandy, Jefferson, Ore., died last week at his home. A brother W.H. Tandy died at his home in Milton on Nov. 7 and another brother Lewis Tandy died at his home in Lacie, Jan. 8. A sister, Mrs. W.H. Peniston, of Lacie, is the only survivor out of 11 children. Other deaths: Phillip Giltner, 22, Louisville; Iva B. Nix Lustenberger, 31, Madison; Dr. S.M. Ford, 84, Madison.

Hilda Parrish is office manager of The Trimble Banner. She is an avid historian and genealogist and a long-time Bedford resident.