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By Hilda Parrish

30 Years Ago (Aug. 20, 1981)

Lions Club annual fish fry and picnic was a success.

A group of South African burley growers were in Trimble County this week. They met with Conservation officers and local farmers as they toured the county studying new ways to grow their burley.

In Fiscal Court, a motion was made by Morris Garrett that Trimble County table the matter of placing a Mental Health and Mental Retardation tax on the ballot in the November General Election, until Saturday, Aug. 22 at 10 a.m. Said Motion was seconded by Orville W. Smith. Voting in favor were Morris Garrett, Orville W. Smith, Dallas Moore, Ivan Louden and Clyde E. Greenwood.

It was also ordered to add Ginn Road, .4 tenths of a mile, and Kruse Road, .4 tenths of a mile, to the County Road System and to add a turnaround on Toombs Road.

District Judge Dennis Fritz sentenced three youngsters because of motorbike violations in a trial Saturday morning. The judge found that the boys didn’t have operator license, bike license, helmets, eye protection, not to mention that they were operating on a public road. One boy was sentence to 35 hours in jail, at seven hours a day for five days and the other two lads had to bring in a wheel off their motorbikes, which will be returned Dec. 15.

Deaths: Marvin Dale Mullikin, 41, Bedford; Woodrow Wilson Pyles, 67, Louisville.

70 Years ago (Aug. 14, 1941)

Garnett Callis, Leland Gatewood and George H. Griffith have passed their service physicals and will join the July and August inductees: Robert Louis Law, Gerald Thomas Ward, James Herman Andrews, Richard Webster, George Lee Webster, Guy Walton Williams, James Carroll Lawrence, Louis Frederick Detmer, George Lee Nelson and Jerry Murphy.

Mary Jo Alexander, 8 years old, was the winner of the lead and tin foil collection in the interest of the Kentucky Crippled children’s hospital and was the first to win a complimentary trip to the picture show in Carrollton. There are three more weeks to have a chance at winning a ticket to the Carrollton theater. The foil is sent to the Children’s hospital where it is melted and molded by the children into novelties and ornaments, which are sold to hospital visitors and others. The money made from the sale is used by the hospital to aid the crippled children.

Paul Gosman of Butlersville, Ind., formerly of Trimble County was killed when the car in which he was driving was hit by a train.

80 Years ago (Aug. 20, 1931)

Crews are working in Bedford widening the main street from the courthouse to the intersection with road 37 at the Bedford Garage. When this work is completed Bedford’s main traffic avenue will be some 40 feet wide all the way thru the business section of town and will afford ample room for parking off the concrete.

A practical joke could have caused a lot of damage if C.H. Kidwell had not needed his grease rag, which he kept in his hip pocket. Someone dropped a lighted cigarette in Mr. Kidwell’s hip pocket. For an hour or more, he and people around him smelled the rag smoldering, but not until he had use for it did he discover what had been done.

Bedford Boys take cops for another ride-the Bedford baseball team proceeded to take the Louisville Cops for a second time at the Bedford Springs Ball Park, when the arms of the law showed up for the middle contest of a three-game series. The local past-timers beat the police here Aug. 2 by 7 to 4 and this time the visitors had almost an entirely new lineup, which indicated they were prepared to put up a battle. The first inning was scoreless, but in the second the cops crossed the plate with two runs. Bedford boys didn’t score until the fourth inning when Curran Lee smacked out a two-bagger with two men on base. Bedford scored again in the fifth and so did the cops, making the score 4 all. The innings were scoreless until the top of the ninth when the cops scored a run. Came the last of the ninth and the Bedford boys began to find the slow balls and before the pitcher knew it three of them were safely perched on the sacks. Then came the climax of the afternoon, as Irish Charlie McCain, ho is one of the most consistent batters in the lineup, took a mighty swing at a drifter and sent the ball for how many bases no one knows, for after three of the runners reached home, the game was over anyhow, so everybody quit counting and the score keeper marked up 7-5 in favor of Bedford. The Louisville Police team comes here again next Sunday for a third and last game of the series. Fans from far and near will be on hand to watch them write the final chapter of their contacts for this season.

Deaths: Charles May, 83, Carrollton, formerly of Trimble County.