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By Hilda Parrish

30 Years Ago (Aug. 6, 1981)

Seven Counties Services, Inc. authorities came to the July meeting of Trimble County Fiscal Court to propose that the court consider passing an ordinance that would allow the electorate to vote a tax rate sufficient to help provide a full range of mental health and other services to the people of Trimble County. Dave Marye, therapist on mental health in the Bedford office said he held a total of 2,279 sessions from Sept. 1978 to March 31, 1981 for 164 residents dealing with emotionally disturbed children to drug and alcohol abusers.

Todd Pollock, a 7th grader at Somerset, Pa. won a trophy for being the most improved wrestler. Wrestling for five years, Pollock has been pinned one time and that was in the semi-finals of a wrestling tournament.

Deaths: Wilford D. Wright, 76, Bedford.   

70 Years ago (Aug. 7, 1941)

Democrat primary was held Saturday with 2,360 votes cast. Final returns showed the following winners in the county races: Judge, W.O. Baxter; county attorney, E.W. Tandy, re-elected; county clerk, Wallace Wright, reelected; Sheriff, C. (Tim) Pyles; jailer, Clarence Graves, re-elected: tax commissioner, Chester A. Callis; re-elected; magistrates: Milton-Trout, Bryan Moore, re-elected; Bedford-Barebone, Elgin D. Ogden; Palmyra-Providence, Raymond O’Neal; Antioch-Burrows, Wilmer Moore. Magistrates W.H., Mullikin, O.C. Harmon and Arthur Morgan did not seek re-election.

Trimble County collected 375 pounds of aluminum to give to the national defense program. 4-H club members, under the direction of the county agent, can be complimented for their contribution toward the success of the campaign and one youngster is responsible for contributing 25 pounds to the drive.

Another program in Trimble County to help the Crippled Children’s hospital offers a free ticket to the picture show at Carrollton, including transportation, soft drink or popcorn. All you have to do is collect foil-from chewing wrappers, cigarette packages or anywhere else it can be obtained; bring it to The Trimble Democrat office each Saturday afternoon at three o’clock for the next five weeks. At the end of the five week period, a grand prize of a trip to Louisville to deliver the collected foil plus entertainment, transportation and meals will be given the child bringing in the largest amount during the five week period.

Deaths: Mrs. Horace (Milner) Cranmer, Ohio, formerly of Trimble County; Albert Jackson McDowell, 40, Trimble County.   

Years ago (Aug. 13, 1931)

 A crew of workmen under the supervision of W.T. Bare has been at work since Monday of last week wrecking the old Trimble County High and Bedford Graded school building and the structure is now almost half razed. For over 18 years, this old framed building served the educational needs of Trimble County, but, now, like all things that have exhausted their period of usefulness to mankind, it is ready for consignment to oblivion, soon to be forgotten by many. But it will also be remembered by many. Many who will remember the joys and heartaches experienced within it portals while in their most impressionable period of life. Be that as it may, until the last of those who heretofore have attended school at Bedford have passed away, as the old building is doing, remembrance of it will be cherished upon the face of the earth, as a true friend-an old friend-which is the best kind of all friends.

The new and modern Trimble County High School building, designed for the Trimble County Board of Education by Harry E. Boyle & Co., Architects of Evansville Ind., and built by Contractor Roy L. Stoess, of Crestwood, is nearing completion and will be ready for occupancy within the next few days.

The annual camp meeting at Callis Grove closed Sunday night after ten days of splendid services and quite a number of conversions.

Deaths: Mr. E.M. Jolly, 70, Menter; Mrs. Ida Whitaker Duncan, 65, Brooksburg, Ind; Mrs. Mary Han, mother of Rev. J.B. Han, pastor of the Bedford Methodist church, Wilmore, Ky.