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By Hilda Parrish

30 Years Ago (July 16, 1981)

The new principal for TCHS is Larry Moore. He is a graduate of Hanover College and Ball State in Muncie, Ind. and recently taught at Southwestern in Madison. His wife, Carolyn Moore will continue her assignment in Southwestern.

The 4-H youth Fair and Peach Festival will be Friday and Saturday at the Trimble County Middle School. Exhibits, booths, fun and games will be available for everyone. Dancing both nights at 9 p.m. On Sunday at 1:30 p.m. a horse show will be held on the grounds of the Saddle club.

Deaths: Cecil Hackett, 74, Milton; Goldie Tharp, 78, Bedford; Charles A. Brown, 78, Bedford.

70 Years ago (July 10, 1941)

 Believing that the time is fast approaching when it will be impossible to further expect to get a water system for the town, the Board has issued a call for all citizens, interested in water, to meet in open forum to discuss the problem from all angles this Friday night, July 11. Contracts have been in the hands of the Town Board for some weeks, but only a few persons have shown their interest in the plan to sign them without solicitation. Before this program can continue these contracts must be signed in order that the trustees may have a basis from which to approach a bonding company to secure the town’s portion of the finances. The meeting Friday night will determine whether the town will drop the project or continue with their efforts to secure the water works.

Cans or glass jars are needed to preserve the abundance of vegetables being produced from the school garden, H.M. Wesley, supervisor of the N.Y.A. project announced. He has requested that anyone having a surplus of glass jars suitable for the preserving of food stuffs to get in touch with him as the garden stuff is beginning to come on in large quantities and must be taken care of immediately. The food will be used during the coming year in feeding the children in the school cafeteria. To buy new jars would be costly and would reduce the amount of other foodstuffs such as sugar, meats, milk and fish. Most every home has a few extra jars that the school could use. Get in touch with Mr. Wesley as soon as possible.

Classified ad: LOST-a pocketbook containing something over sixteen dollars. Finder please return to Mr. Robert Garriott and receive five-dollar reward, if he or she are honest. Lost somewhere on the Hardy Creek Rd.

Deaths: Dr. J.A. Neblett, 42, died from a heart attack while in his office with a patient, Louisville; Mrs. Nannie Mikesell Adams, 60, Milton.
80 Years ago (July 16, 1931)

 A new traffic bound macadam highway has just been completed from Sligo through Pendleton to the LaGrange-New Castle road, which connects U.S. Highway 42 with State Highway 22. The concrete U.S. 42 is a part of the Louisville-Cincinnati-Cleveland highway, while State road 22 runs from New Castle through LaGrange and Crestwood to Louisville.

On Saturday afternoon, outside the home of Chief Akins of the Oldham County Police Department, Sheriff M.O. Cassady said, “word got around that something extra special was going to come off.”

As reported last week after the new road was opened many citations for speeding were given and the Louisville papers named the road coming through Oldham County as a speed trap. As the court proceedings began, it was clear Mr. Stuart had gotten himself arrested on purpose. It seems Eugene Stuart had been arrested doing 55 mph on the new highway. In court, Mr. Stuart, secretary-manager of the Louisville Automobile Club, Stanley B. Mayer, attorney for the Louisville Automobile Club, and State Senator Alex E. Johnson, a member of the clubs board of directors, took the stand, or rather rose from a wicker settee in Chief Akins’s Parlor and testified that they were traveling at 40 mph and Senator Johnson was looking out the back window for the express purpose of announcing “we’ve got a bite” as soon as he saw the red spotlight. And Mr. Mayer, sitting in the front seat kept his eyes on the speedometer and called out the speed loud enough for all to hear as the rate of speed increased from 40 to 45 and held steady until overtaken by the officers and accused of making better than 55 mph. Then Frank May testified. It was his job to test the speedometer for accuracy before the little ride through Oldham. He testified he was a speedometer expert at the Stewart-Warner Sales Company and had confidence that the car and the motorcycle he used for testing were accurate. During the case, these men did not contend there were no speeders, merely that the Oldham County Police Department was ‘way off’ in reporting the speed attained by alleged offenders. Magistrate L.W. Kerlin, holding court that day, called a conference in the kitchen and after almost twenty minutes of reviewing all the evidence, came out and announced that the case was dismissed ‘because the officers’ speedometer must be wrong.’ All 33 cases were dismissed and all attributed to defective speedometers on the police department’s machines. And flatly stated there was no speed trap on the Louisville to Cincinnati Highway.

Sidney Newman, of Pleasureville, has bought the Bedford Sweet Shoppe for Mr. Alvin Broadbeck. It is located in the Stanley building on the corner of Main and Church streets. He said his intentions are to continue to render the best possible service to the public at all times. He will be assisted by Mr. Gilbert Wood and Mrs. Chester Wood. Mr. Broadbeck left Tuesday for his home in Akron.

The Natural Gas Development Corporation of Kentucky, subsidiary of the Southern Consumers Gas Co. of Chicago and New York, has for the past few weeks been leasing land in Trimble intending to sink wells to tap the gas dome that it is said is under the county. The company thus far has leased 20,000 acres of land and intend to lease that many more before entering the county with drilling machinery.

Phoeba Louise Swisher, three year old daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Orville Swisher of Muskegon, Mich, drowned in the Ohio River at Wise’s Landing Saturday; Thomas Jesse Barringer, 72, Milton.