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By Hilda Parrish

 30 Years Ago (June 25, 1981)
The 4-H of Trimble County will sponsor a fair on the high school grounds July 17 and 18.

Trimble County Water District through their chairman Carroll Thomas Ralston has a pre-application pending for $472,500 Federal assistance relative to 5 miles of water main extensions serving 30 customers, a water storage tank, a maintenance and storage building and a water pumping station.

Marcia Haney handled a tough assignment well for 16 minutes Saturday night at Market Square Arena in Indianapolis, as she defended against Cheryl Cook, Indiana’s Miss Basketball. Girls Basketball at Trimble County High School has been very rewarding, considering that within a decade Miss Haney and Leigh Anna Dunlap have been Kentucky starters in the Kentucky-Indiana All Star games.

Deaths: Roy McAllister, 52, Carrollton; Hermann Ryan, 47, Milton; Clarence Riffe Sr, 78, Jackson, Ohio; Ovie Issac Callis, 89, Patton’s Creek. 

70 Years ago (June 19, 1941)
Federal agents continue the pulling and burning of acres of narcotic weeds along the banks of Ohio in Western Trimble County reports an article in the Courier-Journal. For more than a week 22 men under the direction of Agents Robert C. Crabtree and Earl Fowler have labored over the approximately 100 acres in the Government’s effort to halt elicit trade in muggles cigarettes that are made from the plant.

Instructions from Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Co: To place calls from Bedford to Milton: First listen for the dial tone, then dial “8”. When you receive the second dial tone, dial the number of the person you wish to reach in Milton. To call from Milton to Bedford is the same instructions.

Proposed budget for Trimble County beginning fy July 1 1941 and ending June 30, 1942: Summary analysis of appropriations net expenditures: $27,382; Estimated receipts from all sources total available for year $31,382; Receipts from 1940-1941 tax levies $14,465.59; Estimated receipts from 1941-1942 tax levies: $21,052; statement of bonded indebtedness total bonds: Outstanding, $78,000; Interest due $3,900; Principal due: $1,500. Anticipated balance June 30, 1941: $11,155. Signed H.L. Wright, County Judge, E.W. Tandy, County Attorney and Walter S. Ball, Commissioners.

 80 Years ago (June 25, 1931)
 Federal officers arrived Thursday morning of last week to escort Pearson Whipple and Ruth Black to Frankfort. Detectives were here from Indianapolis to look at the prisoners, and it is thought that they identified them as members of a rum-running gang of which they have already two members in jail in that city. Both Whipple and Miss Black received severe cuts in the accident on the Milton hilltop where their car overturned. An artery in Whipple’s right arm was severed and a compress applied in Madison before his arrest. Thursday morning, before he was taken to Frankfort, he ruptured the healing blood vessel, and the aid of a physician was necessary to stop the flow of blood.

Joe McCain Post, American Legion decided to abandon the program for a picnic at the Fair Grounds on the Fourth of July for lack of time to prepare for it but will have the County Fair this coming fall.

Pavers are at work on the new grade and laid 849 feet Monday after a break in the pipe line and is expected to be completed and connected to the highway at Carrollton by Sept. 15.

Mr. Shelby Pierce and daughter, Miss Martha were on their way home in Bedford when they noticed something lying at the side of the pavement. Swerving to miss the assumed animal, Miss Martha, who was driving, recognized the shape of a person. They stopped at the home of Mr. Hankins, who with his son accompanied them back to the spot. When it was found that the man was unconscious and had been bleeding at the nose. Miss Pierce drove to Sligo to call a physician, and Mr. John Morgan, who lives at Sligo, took the stranger to Sulphur to obtain medical aid. At Sulphur he regained consciousness and said he had been in an accident, but would give no details. He was hatless and coatless and was without baggage. Word came to Bedford Tuesday morning that he departed soon after reviving, giving Cincinnati as his destination.

Announcing the new Ford Standard Sedan $590, f.o.b., Detroit.

Deaths: John Ogden, 85, Jackson Ridge.