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February 23, 1984 (30 Years Ago)
The Trimble County Fiscal Court approved a pre-application for a grant to purchase a tract of land to be added to the county recreation park during their recent meeting. The court proposed to make the preapplication to the Department of Local Government for assistance under the Land and Water Conservation Fund Act of 1965. Estimated cost of the park addition is $67,000. The land is located next to the present park facilities on Highway 421 and belongs to Jim Wood.
A bullet grazed the shoulder of Trimble County Deputy Sheriff Denny Long after the cylinder was dropped, causing the bullet to fire. Damon Ralston was inspecting a small pistol at the sheriff’s office when the cylinder accidently dropped to the floor. Long’s injury was minor.
Superintendent J.W. Sachleben was given a four-year contract to continue in the position of Superintendent of Trimble County Schools during the Feb. 8 meeting of the Trimble County Board of Education. He was hired in May 1983 to fill the vacancy left by Dr. William Stout who resigned the post.
The Trimble County Lady Raiders battled to the finish with the Oldham County Lady Colonels but it was Oldham coming out on top, 55-51. Vickie Smith scored 19 for Trimble. The Raider boys suffered defeats last week at the hands of Grant County (67-56) and Carroll County (71-58). Junior Adam Black led Trimble with 13 points against Grant. Classmate Randy Stevens poured in 20 points to lead Trimble against Carroll.
Feb. 20, 1964 (50 Years Ago)
Cherry Rodgers has been named the 1964 Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow at Trimble County High School. She achieved the highest score here in a written homemaking examination taken by senior girls throughout the country on Dec. 3, 1963, and now becomes eligible for one of 102 scholarships totaling $110,000.
In a thriller Monday evening the Bedford sixth grade basketball team beat a team from Madison by a close count of 28-27. The final six minutes were as fan captivating as any high school game gets. A frenzy of enthusiasm was manifest. Some spark plugs in the Bedford win were Gary Andrew, David Arvin, Mark Fisher, Tommy Sibley, Myron Tingle, Mickey Turner and Jimmy Wainscott.
In the biggest upset in the area this season the Trimble High Raiders played near flawless basketball Tuesday night to tumble the highly-favored Henry County Wildcats, 61-58. For a glory starved Raider team it was the highly-treasured win of the season, and the first over a real high caliber team in several years. Rick Taylor led Trimble with 28 points, Mike Gossom 15, Jim Barnes 10 and Brad Hargrove added 8. Trimble fell to Owen County by a 64-61 margin after giving up a 52-45 lead.
February 23, 1939 (75 Years Ago)
The school terms in the county may be cut short by a month due to insufficiency of funds. For some months the school board has been dickering with the the state to obtain the 1938 tax money from the bridge but thus far without success. When the bridge was sold in the fall of 1937 it was stated then that assessments made by the tax assessor in the summer for the 1938 tax would be paid and the state, before completing purchase of the bridge, would make reservations for such payment as was due the county. To date this has not been done and present indications are that the county will be unable to collect the amount due them from the bridge and consequently the school term will be shortened accordingly.
About 9:30 o’clock Wednesday night a small blaze was discovered in the ceiling near the flue of Woody’s Inn at the corner of Main and Church streets. Soon after the alarm was sounded members of Bedford’s long-famous bucket brigade quickly assembled at the scene and had the blaze under control in a few minutes.
Little Buddie Ray Wingham, son of Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Wingham of Milton, had a narrow escape from fatal injury Friday afternoon when he was struck by an automobile on the paved highway near the Farmers Bank. He attempted to cross the street and ran directly in front of a vehicle. The bumper struck him in the face, dislocated several upper teeth and splitting his lower lip. Other than a little soreness and inconvenience of eating little Buddie is doing fine.