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By Hilda Parrish

 30 Years Ago (April 16, 1981)
Work is pacing along ahead of schedule on the extensions to Trimble Water District No. 1, and work is 55 percent complete overall, Merle Jackson, commissioner, said this week. Jackson said after the 26 miles is completed, 122 new users will be served.

Bedford sewers are in the nearness to advertisement for bids, and May 1 could well be the target date, James Black thinks. He said that the past weekend has been devoted to obtaining a number of easements. It’s all a matter of making contact and getting signatures. Black said that after bids are received it will take about 30 days to review the bids before awarding a contract. Final plans and blueprints and amendment to the review were to have been finished Tuesday. He said all specifications are approved by the Corps of Engineers. And all sites have been inspected.

A public hearing has been proposed for May 20-21 at the courthouse in Bedford relative to the Tyler Landfill in South Trimble. Bruce R. Hamilton, attorney for a group of people opposed to the landfill, said that preliminary hearings will be held in Frankfort. A collaborating effort is now being made by County Attorney Bobby K. True and Bruce R. Hamilton to draw an ordinance controlling landfills in the county. Statutes injected into the ordinance proposed are test home rule in significance and another pertaining to solid waste in 1980 supplement of KRS. Coming to the forefront in the ordinance will be exclusive control of solid waste by the fiscal court. The court’s control, whether with planning and zoning or not, has its own legal standing power against the county becoming a burying ground for all the hazardous and toxic wastes from other counties, it is specially said.

A come and go crowd of upwards to 400 people attended the festivities involved with the grand opening of Trimble County Farm Supply in Milton. Carroll Taylor won the top giveaway prize of $200. Other prizewinners and prizes were Don Oakley, 2-gal. water cooler; Jerry Glunt, 50 lb. Lawn fertilizer and Violet Ashby won a gallon of bar oil and 6 pack of engine oil. 

Deaths: Virgil Lee Woods, 69, Madison, Ind. at LG&E plant where he was a security guard.

70 Years ago (April 17, 1941)
Terminating a battle of four year’s duration, Attorney Eugene Moseley compromised the Milton-Madison Bridge tax suit in closed chambers of Judge Marshall’s court here Monday morning of last week. The compromise was made giving the county two thousand of the more than nine thousand sought in the suit. Before the settlement was made the case had been transferred from one court to another and continued from one term to another. It can be pointed out here, that the state in buying the bridge, neglected under Chandler’s administration to protect the interest of the county otherwise the full amount of the suit could have been recovered as due the county through taxation.

Mr. A.B. Lytle, district manager of the Bell telephone system, announced last week the appointment of Mrs. W.S. Gatewood as collector of tolls for the company in this area. Mrs. Lonnie Smith, formerly connected with the company in this capacity has been transferred to the Carrollton office as operator. Following the appointment of Mrs. Gatewood it was announced that she would maintain her office at her home here and would expect all tolls to be in her hands by the 20th of each month.

80 Years ago (April 23, 1931)
 Hundreds pay tribute to Dr. F.W. Hancock at last rites held at Bedford Christian church Saturday afternoon by Rev. E.L. Averitt, assisted by Rev. J.J. PreVol, Rev. J.B. Hahn and Elder W.B. Snyder. It is estimated that one thousand people attended the funeral to pay respect to a man who had given his life’s activities to the cause of humanity and who for thirty-two years went day or night on a mission of mercy to minister to the relief of the sick in every section of the county.

The Trimble County Fiscal Court convened for the April term at the Courthouse Monday, April 20, with Judge Morgan presiding and magistrates L.A. Ward, J.E. Alexander, and D.H. Stark present. Magistrate W.D. Pierce was ill and unable to attend. It was ordered that the County lease to F.W. Wolfe, of Campbellsburg, a part of the Courthouse yard for the purpose of erecting and operating a gasoline filling station, calling for a strip of land 60 feet wide at Main street and running the full length of the north side of the Courthouse yard, reducing to 40 feet in width at West street. Under terms of the contract Wolfe agrees to erect buildings of fire resisting material and to pay a rental of $60 per year for ten years with the privilege of renting the property at the end of that time for $25 per month.

The County Judge respectfully protests against the leasing of any part of the Courthouse yard or any part of the county’s property to private individuals for any purpose whatsoever for the following reasons: 1. In the year 1837, the trustees of the town of Bedford conveyed to the Trimble County Court the public square in the town of Bedford for the sole purpose of erecting such public buildings as were necessary to the county, the deed saying that said property was to be used for public buildings and for no other purpose. 2. Taking even 40 feet of property would destroy the beauty of the courthouse yard. 3. Should the building b e erected as specified in contract, it would be a mistake to give anyone an option upon the lease to rent it for $25 per month at the end of 10 years, as the property would be worth much more. 4. The Courthouse yard and the public square in Bedford is public property in which every citizen of the county is interested and to that end many of the taxpayers of the county are opposing the leasing of any part of the courthouse yard. 5. Under the contract as presented to this court there is no provision made for a public toilet except to the courthouse officials and those having business in court. 6. The Public Square of Bedford may include the streets of Bedford. Bedford being an incorporated town, has always maintained the streets of the town, the county only claiming the Courthouse yard, meaning where the old fence was in former years. Should this Court now attempt to lease any part of the public square outside of the courthouse yard, it would assume responsibility for the entire public square, and to maintain the streets and roads of the town would cost more than the amount of the rent received from such lease. The Florence Theater building now rests on the old Baptist church location, and work of placing the foundation and converting it into a Baptist church is going forward as fast as possible.

Deaths: Jesse Rodgers, 66, was killed late last Friday afternoon near Versailles, Ind. in a pistol duel which resulted in his death, another man and a woman; Bernard Brim, 20 and Attila Bradley, 25, both of Carrollton were drowned Sunday morning when the motor boat in which they were riding overturned at the first Kentucky river lock above Carrollton; Acey Perkins, 17, was found on the railroad tracks near Campbellsburg early Sunday morning; R.L. Faulkner, Chilhowie, Mo., brother of Mrs. W.N. Callis; Mary Kate Strother, Milton; Nellie Finnell Cambron, 72, Madison, formerly of Milton.