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By Hilda Parrish

30 Years Ago (April 2, 1981)
Five young people are injured in a car mishap on Barebone road. John Neely, driver of the 1972 Ford Pinto station wagon was thrown about 40 ft. and was wrapped around a fence post. David Colbert had a broken collar bone, Jan Maxey suffered a bruised shoulder and Angie Edwards was bleeding internally, it was said, and her spleen was removed at Nortons. Jim Mitchell was placed in intensive care with fractures, a bruised brain and a nasty cut on the head. Three of the injured were taken by Bedford EMS ambulance and two were transported by Milton EMS ambulance.

TCHS art students, Jan Powell, Debbie Delph, Nevie Parker, Barbara Adams, Tia Burkhardt, Dawn Arnett and Shelley Staples are leaving for France and Switzerland Saturday. They will return April 12 after touring Geneva and Chomonix Switzerland and Nice, Monaco, Monte Carlo, Nimes, Auignon, Versailles and Paris, France.

In Sports, Lady Raiders lose to Elizabethtown 45-41 in the last game of the state tournament. Consensus being the loss was because of bad officiating. Earl Cox, sports writer for the Courier Journal commented, “If I were an official of the KHSAA, I wouldn’t feel very good about a highly questionable call that turned the Elizabethtown-Trimble Co. game around and more or less presented it to E’town on a silver platter.” Final scoring for the Raiders were Marcia Haney 24, Leigh Etta Staples 6, Penny Taylor 4, Kreis 3, Debbie Delph 2 and Jill Powell 2.

The Raider Baseball team lost their first game of the season to Gallatin County 12-4. The roster of players are A. McHargue, Brierly, Parker, G. Leach, Ralston, Coyle, P. Harmon, Nelson, Brown, Egerton, Barnes, B. McHargue, Mershall, T, Leach, Carder, Bray, Black, Gosman and O’Brath.

Deaths: Truman Bayne, 79, Milton; Eva L. Morgan, 80, Pendleton; Leonard M. Dunn, 45, Madison.

50 Years Ago (March 30, 1961)
 Hartman Wood and Vincent Oakley are the Civil Defense Chairmen for Trimble County. Oakley in the Milton area and Wood in the Bedford area are working busily setting up an organization capable of handling catastrophic happenings, and they will enlarge on their programs to acquaint their area with some of the things to expect in the event that a nuclear war breaks out. Each has their people in place to handle every phase of operation.  The Civil Defense National Alert is staged April 26-30 and it will be a three phase alert.

Clyde “Jack” Greenwood has filed for office of Trimble County Judge.

Rotary Club observes its 14th anniversary. President-elect Dr, Carl Cooper presented perfect attendance pins to A.G. Spillman. 14 years; Hubert Stark, 13 years; Carroll Morgan, 8 years and Jim Hayden one year. Dr. Cooper represented the Bedford Rotary Club at the district conference in Louisville last week.

Deaths: Nora Scott, 79, Madison, Ind., formerly of Trimble County; Clarence Garriott, 68, killed in auto accident near Greensburg, Ind.

80 Years ago (April 9, 1931)
A crowd of about 500 people from all sections of the county gathered at the courthouse to honor the war veterans Tuesday night. There are more than 200 ex servicemen in Trimble County and only 30 are members of the American Legion Post 75. The American Legion has secured for the veterans of the World War adjusted compensation, hospitalization and vocational training and many other advantages to which the survivors of the Great War are entitled. American Legion state organizer C.D. Florence and Sergeant Samuel Woodfill spoke on the importance of joining this organization whose aim is to continue to secure and protect assistance to the American soldier.

Mr. Harold Bryan and Miss Tolise Lehue went driving Sunday with friends John Rand and Miss Sarah Bray. Upon reaching Milton they crossed the river to Madison and continued their way to the home of Elder Warren H. Sando and at 2 o’clock Mr. Harold and Miss Tolise were quietly married.

In the one car was driver Tommy Powell of Pleasant Retreat. In the other car was William Burns, driver, and also the foreman of the grading crew at work on the highway near Bedford. In the car with him were four other men and two women. They collided near the Carmel church. Both cars were badly damaged. The two drivers are said to have disputed as to who was at fault, and that the argument became so heated it resulted in a fistic encounter. A warrant was sworn out by Powell against Burns. The examining trial was Wednesday morning. It was decided that this court has no jurisdiction in the case and the defendant was held over to the Circuit Court on bond in the amount of $500.