Locals encouraged to experience ‘Citizens’ Police Academy’

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Society has always been interested in police work and finds the issue of crime a fascinating topic.  Television programming has included shows about crime and police work from every angle and context throughout its history.

The Kentucky State Police developed a program which taps into that same fascination and curiosity that people have with crime and police work.  This initiative, dubbed the ‘Citizens’ Police Academy,’ will provide an opportunity for community members to feed their interest with reality.  Citizens will gain a better understanding of police operations conducted by State Troopers and Detectives.  Participants will become informed and understand the actual role of the State Police by attending classes and spending time with State Troopers.

Ride-alongs and informative presentations covering such topics as crime scene investigation, forensic labs, and special operations are just a few of the opportunities participants will receive.  The program is not intended to turn citizens into law enforcement officers.  However, it does create a more informed citizen regarding the actual day-to-day operations of the Kentucky State Police.  At the program’s conclusion, citizens will understand what is myth and what is reality.  The agency will profit from the community interaction and the wealth of knowledge that citizens share regarding their communities.  Both the community and the State Police together will benefit from the relationship cultivated.

The program consists of 12 classes held weekly covering a wide variety of KSP operations.  Classes beginning February 6, 2012 will be held each Monday at 7:00 p.m. at Post 5 which is located on Citation Lane in Campbellsburg.  KSP is encouraging community members to apply by contacting Post 5 in Campbellsburg.

Trooper Brad Arterburn

Public Affairs Officer

KSP Post 5, Campbellsburg