Local woman alleges sexual assault by doctor

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Grand jury indicts doctor on Sept. 21 allegation

By The Staff

The Oldham Era

La GRANGE, Ky. –  A Crestwood doctor accused of sexually assaulting a female patient is scheduled to return to court after the first of the year.
Dr. Ashok Alur, 56, of Louisville, was arraigned Thursday by Judge Diane Wheeler on a charge of first-degree sodomy. Wheeler left bond at $50,000 cash, which Alur posted the day after his arrest. He spent one night in the Oldham County Jail.
Alur, a general physician who operates a practice at the South Oldham Medical Clinic in Crestwood, had been indicted by an Oldham County grand jury  on the charge for an alleged incident reported by Tammy Simmons, 38, of Trimble County. Simmons claims the incident happened during a medical examination in September.
A small group of supporters attended the arraignment hearing on behalf of the physician. Many of Alur’s patients contacted The Oldham Era last week to defend his character, claiming he is “a caring, genuine man.”
Alur will appear in court at 9 a.m. Jan. 6 for a pre-trial conference.
Meanwhile, Simmons and her husband have filed a lawsuit against Alur, claiming that the unwanted sexual contact between her and the physician occurred twice during the past year at his Crestwood office.
According to court records, Simmons alleges that during an examination March 31, Alur performed a gynecological exam with his bare hands, which Simmons said was repeated, unwanted and not medically unecessary.
On Sept. 21, she claims that while removing packing from a wound from a previous procedure on her lower abdomen, he forced her pants and underwear down and sexually assaulted her. She claims to have repeatedly told him to stop.
An Oldham County grand jury indicted Alur on the charge of first-degree sodomy for the September incident.
According to Oldham County Police spokesperson Mike Head, at the time of his arrest, Alur told police he’d been distracted and tempted and said he was sorry for the incident.
According to the suit, Simmons believes the Alur acted intentionally, maliciously and with “evil motive.”
Alur’s attorney, Don Williams of La Grange, said he believes the civil suit “kind of helps” the case.
“It seems to verify Dr. Alur’s defenses to the charges,” he said.

Laura Hagan is a staff writer for The Oldham Era, a sister to The Trimble Banner in the Landmark Community Newspapers Inc. chain.