Local taxes increase despite recession

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By The Staff


Here’s the whole country in a state of economic depression. The worst in decades.

Businesses shutting down, people losing jobs, their homes and vehicles. The President ordered Congress to pass bills to pass out stimulus monies to save banks and the auto industry, which in turn we hope will save homes and jobs.

There’s talk in the news media that those receiving social security benefits will not see a cost of living increase for the next two years.

But here in Carroll County, it’s business as usual, with your City and County Governments raising taxes. Yes, your property tax, school tax and library tax are all taking a hike.

If you own just a parcel of real estate and a couple of vehicles, add up your school tax for a year. Don’t forget our utility bills, it’s on there too.

In one year I paid over $1,500 alone in school tax.

Personally I think that is a little absurd, and I have one grandchild in the Carroll County system.

Maybe we should pray for our governmental officials, for they know not what they are doing; but then maybe we should shame them because they do know what they are doing.

Most people started cutting back and curbing their spending. Why can’t the city and county do the same.

Oh! What’s the excuse “we put it in the paper” Am I going to have to buy a paper every week to find out what is happening? I don’t think so! If that’s the excuse they need to send everyone a paper.

I’m calling our state representative to voice my opinion. I urge everyone else to do the same.

Kelley Crutcher