Local author in print with publication of first book

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Trimble County High School graduate Danielle Garriott-Caswell has written and published the first of what she hopes will be many books. This one is titled Refuse to Sink, a fictional story geared towards a young adult audience.

“I got the inspiration to write this gem of a book, while browsing online one day,” she said. “I came across a picture that simply read ‘Let’s Go to the City and Fall in Love.’ After that it’s like the whole story flowed through me like a river, until it was finished.”

The book succinctly summarized: He lost everything to find his everything.

Anchor, in the aftermath of losing his father is faced with a huge weight to carry. His family. His little brother Chance and damaged mother Wynna. During the process of moving on and starting a new life, in a new town, he stumbles upon a young Grace Anne. She fills the sadness with her quirky sense of humor and replaces the hurt with a endless love. Anchor finds himself enchanted by her.

She has dreams of the big city, Anchor has a fear of it. The story is very musical and at the least magical. To watch these two characters develop love through the toughest of situations. Both main characters are very animated, and talented. The ending twist will blow you away and electrify your love of reading again!

Danielle is scheduled for her next book signing on Saturday, Dec. 15, at TGIF on Fourth Street in Louisville. More information about the book can be found at Danielle’s Facebook page.