A letter to my sons

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In Thanksgiving 2007, I had a disappointing experience in which my sons had planned a trip to see me on the holiday and they canceled at the last minute due to a confusion of agendas. This was my response in a letter to my two college age sons, Patrick and Kevin.

To My Sons,

I am writing you from the place of awareness in which we are truly one. It is very deep within my heart where I cherish the remembrance that I am important in your life. Our soul agreement has never been about quantity time, because your father was destined to be the parent with primary custody to raise you. I have treasured the quality of each one of our visits on the phone or in person through your life.

Eventually, life boils down to what you spend your time and your thoughts on.

Make it something of value. Never become so busy that words aren’t registering as you skim over the surface of life running from place to place. Don’t let the desire to the live life to the fullest and to fill other’s expectations of you, keep you from knowing what you want in all the activity. Don’t let life just go by while you are so racing around. Most of the things a person fills their days with don’t really make them happy, only busy.

Wherever you go, you will take yourself, your values, and your life style with you. You will only recreate the busyness and escape from what is important unless you decide to change the pattern.

You will eventually find that it was inside all the while you searched everywhere else. I hope you do travel to the four corners of the earth! I fostered this spirit of adventure and I honor your courage, but don’t make the adventurous experiences replace your quest for the solutions. For the answers lie within your stillness, your prayers, and your journaling.

It doesn’t matter if you are in South America, DC or Hollywood. Cultural heritage, family roots, true friends, spiritual ritual are things to live and fight for. Our world is falling apart. All the graft, corruption and lies in our leadership are being exposed. This is the ordained time in our evolution for change and balance. I hope to be an inspiration to all my children to be a part of bringing harmony within and without. This world we live in needs our youth to recover these values for you are the hope of our future.

Please take time to live what is most important to you. When you get to the other end of life, and have no moments left, I hope you will have no regrets for the choices you made or for times lost for loving. Realize you can’t turn the clock back and recapture what you lost along the way. My prayer for all my children is to take time to live vignettes that can return in reflection to warm your heart.

Each one of your nieces and nephews have confided they are going through life junctures of re-evaluation. They are reaching in and remembering some of the spiritual things I shared with them as they were growing up.  Please keep communication open with them so they will know their uncles are there for them in the conflicts of young adulthood. They need your friendship, your council and faith in them. Remind them they are loved, respected and someone is there for them. My sincerest intent has always been to do this for you.

I have heard the saying, “Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take in a moment, but by the number of moments that take your breath away”.

Remember to really live and enjoy each day. Remember who you wanted to be when you were little boys.

Rev. Patrice Joy Masterson, MA is a Healthy Living Consultant. She offers personalized and group integrative programs at the Harmonizing Health Retreat in Bedford, KY. For more information call 937-631-5581 or go online to www.harmonizinghealthretreat.com.