Letter to the Editor

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Forty-five years I have proudly been active in the grass roots movement, from local elections and state elections. During that time I have seen it all from good servants of we the people to the good old boys that fool the voters to place them into the seat of power. Many of our elected officials here at home and sometimes beyond are the cream of the crop and they well deserved our support and votes.

Just the other day I was informed that we the parents may or may not know there are alleged out of control problems with our local educational system. It seems that we are among the top counties concerning our youth dropping out of high school, and this year I was told 37 high school seniors failed to graduate in our county.

On whom should we the parents place the blame for such shortcomings/ I would say not the ones that try their very best to educate our youth for they deserve what they get and I believe the good ones should get better pay and benefits.

Question is, where should we shoulder the responsibility for the shortcomings we are facing now concerning the operations and rules of the educational system in our county?

We, the concerned parents and voters, may want to focus on the school board. They are the ones that hold the seats of power concerning the nuts and bolts of the educational system in our county. Their number one priority needs to be education, education, education.

Many parents I have talked to are thinking it would be better for some members of the school board that has problems with priorities need to resign. We, the voters, would then have a special election to vote for new members to correct such problems with the education system we are facing today.

The plain facts are that we are not going in the right direction concerning modern day education of our youth and their future in the real world.

Parents, as yourselves, what do you want for your kids’ future? Do we as parents bury our faces in the sand and continue on the way it has been? If so, shame on us all for destroying our youth. We, the parents, know it is dog-eat-dog in the real world. Only with priority one of a better education will our youth have a better chance of surviving in the real world. We need the best of the best in our educational system and paying them for what they are worth to make it happen for our kids’ future.

Yes, good people, we need to crawl out of the good old boys way of doing things and take a hard look at the future.

Bob J. Scott