Landfill procedures in place for safety, accuracy

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Landfill manager answers questions about procedures

(Editor’s note: Normally, it is our policy not to publish consumer complaints about private businesses, as these are best solved by direct communication between the two parties. However, we felt this issue would be well-served on this page. We have allowed Republic to respond to Mr. Holcomb’s complaints in this issue. Please see below.)

Valley View Landfill has made some operational changes due to state regulations. Presently, all waste-carrying vehicles entering the site travel around the loop and form two lines (lanes) at the stop sign located at the top of the hill. The first vehicle in the right lane will proceed down to the scale when the scale operator turns the traffic light to green.
Once the first truck has weighed in and there is not a vehicle in line to be weighed out, the first vehicle in the left lane may proceed to the scale at the green light. Vehicles in each lane will alternate to proceed to the scale when the light turns green.
This is intended to decrease the wait time for customers in smaller vehicles, and avoids forcing them to line up behind big trucks while waiting their turn.
Wait times will depend on the number of vehicles using the site at the time a customer arrives.
This procedure was established so that the line doesn’t backup onto or affect traffic on State Hwy. 157, and allows for snow and ice removal leading to the scale.
Signs to explain the procedure and traffic flow have been ordered and will be posted once they arrive.
A valid drivers license or picture ID is required to ensure that all of our customers at the facility are residents of Trimble County. The customer information is also used for waste tickets to keep a record of how many tons of waste are brought in by residents. Though the service is free to Trimble County residents, the landfill is required to pay the state an environmental fee of $1.75 per ton disposed at the site – regardless of who brought it in.
Semi trucks and commercial haulers who have a contract with Republic Services are not required to weight out as long as a tare weight has been recorded and stored in the system. The commercial hauler’s contracts ensure Valley View/Republic Services that the customer can and will be legally held responsible. We hold non-contract customers’ licenses or ID to ensure that the customer won’t drive away before being weighed out. Otherwise, we would have no way to know the correct weights to report to the state or the correct fees that must be applied.
If the customer does not feel comfortable in leaving his or her driver license with the scale operator, then they may leave another form of picture ID.
We plan to add walkways and handrails at the scale to provide more freedom and safety for customers. This should be completed within the next several weeks, weather permitting.

Marcus Groff,
general manager
Valley View Landfill