Landfill procedures inconvenient for users

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Resident dissatisfied with layout, procedures at Valley View

I would like to voice my complaint with how our local landfill has chosen to operate.
In the past, you could drive straight in and go down the hill to be weighed. But some time ago, they chose to make you drive the long way around on a road that is badly maintained. There are potholes you park a Volkswagen in.
They then decided to change the way you must park while waiting your turn. One lane is for the public and Rumpke style garbage trucks. The other lane is for semi-trucks. Preference is given to the semi even if you arrived before them. There are no signs informing you of this or any lanes painted on the pavement.
For as long as I know Trimble residents could show their ID and as long as you came back in the same vehicle, you were only required to sign a receipt. You then drove to the public dumpster and left the landfill when finished. Now they require you to leave your drivers license, go throw your garbage away, wait in line again to go back to be weighed again. After being weighed again, you must exit your vehicle and walk in the mud and God knows what to sign a receipt and get your licence back.
I don’t feel comfortable leaving my personal identification with anyone, especially in this age of identity theft. Due to my work schedule, my wife has been taking our garbage bags in her minivan. I am very concerned that she must be forced to exit her van and have to walk in such filth. What if she were to slip and fall?
I don’t feel that this is a very safe procedure. In my opinion, the landfill is trying more and more to make it as inconvenient as possible for us to use their facility. They need to go back to the way they did it before instead of the unsafe and inconvenient procedure they now force us to go through.

Ted Holcomb
Bedford, Ky.

(Editor’s note: Normally, it is our policy not to publish consumer complaints about private businesses, as these are best solved by direct communication between the two parties. However, we felt this issue would be well-served on this page. We have allowed Republic to respond to Mr. Holcomb’s complaints in this issue. Please see Marcus Groff's response.)