KSP: Meth materials can turn up in roadside clean-up activities

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Spring is at full strength in the Commonwealth as the landscape is coming to life and the weather warms. Along with spring, many civic groups and local organizations are beginning roadside clean-up efforts around the state.

The Kentucky State Police would like to advise anyone participating in community clean-up projects involving roadside trash pick-up to be cognizant of materials associated with the manufacturing of methamphetamine.

Meth producers are known to conceal methamphetamine-producing vessels in roadside ditches to avoid detection while ingredients undergo the chemical process. Active meth-making vessels are commonly plastic soft-drink bottles, varying in size, containing a milky white or brown substance that appears to be bubbling.  Vessels often have some type of tubing fashioned to the top. 

Meth producers and users are also known to discard leftover materials used in the process of making meth in ditches along the roadside. Discarded meth cooking vessels commonly contain a powdery white or brown residue inside.

Anyone involved with roadside clean-up activities should be careful to avoid any items suspected of being associated with the making of methamphetamine. If any person encounters items suspected of meth involvement, please contact the local State Police Post 5 at 502/532-6363.