Kentucky state tests coming soon to TCMS

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The tests are coming! The tests are coming!

What I am referring to when I say the tests?

I mean the State tests given every spring. In an interview with the Trimble County Middle School Principal, Mike Genton, he stated that “The students did remarkably better compared to the previous years” in reference to last year’s scores.

Trimble County Middle School alone increased the testing percentages by nine percent in Math, 11 percent in On Demand Writing, 12 percent in Social Studies, and 15 percent in Science. Reading scores stayed consistent.

When asked the question, “What would you like to tell the parents of Trimble County Middle School?” Genton stated that he would like to tell everyone that “Testing is for the kids to show their ability in academics.” He also stated that “The kids have to want to always do their best.”

I’d say that he is excited for the tests and is encouraging all students to do their very best.

Tips for the test:

•Get plenty of sleep every night.

•Eat breakfast every morning!

•Encourage students to do their best on this test!

Let’s show the Nation what Trimble County is made of! Remember, these scores don’t just identify the children, they identify Trimble County as a whole.