Join Milton Dept., make a difference

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April 4 letter prompts numerous responses


This letter is in response to Mr. Graves’ Letter to the Editor.

If the fire department is making most of their money to stay in operation from the numerous fish fries, in turn to help the community, how feasible would a tent be? And what about health inspection? I feel that a person should base their opinion after checking with all sources. That is the difference between reality and fiction.

Most of these members are putting in 110 percent for this department. They spend countless hours in trainings, in meetings, cleaning the equipment, getting needed supplies, going on actual runs.

They use their OWN money for gas, their own vehicle (except the officers who have to be ready to be at a scene ASAP—but still their own gas), their own time to go on a run whether it be during the day, in the middle of the night, during a family outing or a holiday—and that includes Christmas. They risk their life in a fire or other possible situations (shooting with suspects armed and dangerous!) This is only part of it.

I am biased where the fire department is concerned, but why shouldn’t all of the community be? Accidents and illnesses regrettably happen to our family members, friends, neighbors—everyday people. We ALL need these volunteers. If we don’t back them up, who is going to be there for us in our time of need?

I am sure a member with the department will answer yours or anyone’s questions or concerns. The number is listed in the phone book. Also, find out when the next meeting is. If anyone doesn’t like the way things are run, put in your application to join and make a difference. Another thought, have you paid your dues yet?

Angie Barnes