Jackson, Melvin beat challengers

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Rand, Harris, Davis and Paul win state, national races

By Phyllis McLaughlin

After a seemingly endless political season, Trimble County voters spoke Tuesday and the results are in. Voters spoke loudly, too, with about 45 percent of registered voters going to the polls.


In Trimble County’s main contested races, Denny Jackson prevailed over challenger Steve Brierly to retain the mayor’s office in Milton. Jackson received 143 votes to Brierly’s 54 votes.

Jackson, who had served on the commission for more than a decade, was appointed mayor in October 2009 after the unexpected death of then-Mayor Donnie Oakley.

Kerry Callis, a write-in on the Nov. 2 ballot, was unsuccessful against incumbent Kirby Melvin for District 2 magistrate. Callis, who lost the primary to incumbent Kirby Melvin in by a close margin of 25 votes. This time, however, Melvin took 397 votes to Callis’ 265 votes.

The county's unopposed candidates all were re-elected: Jailer Bobby Temple (2,203 votes), Sheriff Tim Coons (2,291 votes), Judge-Executive Randy K. Stevens (2,073 votes), County Clerk Jerry Powell (2,383 votes), County Attorney Perry Arnold (1,893 votes), Property Valuation Administrator Jill Hudson Mahoney (2,109 votes), Coroner Fredrica Congleton (2,297 votes), and magistrates Nolan Hamilton Jr. (579 votes), David Scott (502 votes) and Stephen Stark (502 votes).

Constables Tom Persell (District 1), Mike Wright (District 2) and Craig Lacefield (District 3) ran unopposed and were re-elected, garnering 522, 541 and 481 votes, respectively.

Write-in candidate Randy Smith won District 4 constable with 28 votes; the other write-in candidates were Eric Haller (19 votes) and Mike Simpson (17 votes).

Also in Milton, with several write-in candidates vying for the four commissioner seats, incumbents still got their fair share of votes. Jerry Harmon and Gerald Owen both retained their seats with 131 and 92 votes, respectively. Newcomer Cecil Robak won a seat with 91 votes. The fourth seat on the commission went to Tom Mahoney, who squeaked by Tammy Oakley, 53 to 51, respectively. Both were write-in candidates.

The two newcomers will take seats once belonging to Brierly, who had to give up his seat after two terms to run for mayor, and Lori Jameson, who resigned earlier this year because of a conflict with her work schedule.

In Bedford, unopposed incumbent Mayor Russell Clifton (133 votes) was re-elected, along with Commissioners Harold Greene (112 votes), Darrell Harmon (112 votes) and Todd Pollock (112 votes). Frank Floyd won the fourth seat, vacated by the retiring Glenford Alexander, with 113 votes. There were no write-in candidates for Bedford City Commission.

Joey Martin also retained his seat on the Board of Education, beating Ray Cooley 278 to 163. Randy Smith won the District 4 constable race. Board member Jill Simmons, unopposed, retained her seat representing the county's District 2, receiving 345 votes.

In other races, 12th District Judge, 1st Division, Diane Wheeler ran unopposed and took 20,519 votes. Judge Jerry D. Cosby, incumbent for the 2nd Divsion of the 12th District, was re-elected with 61 percent of the district's vote; he also won in Trimble with 1,428 votes to challenger John Shaughnessy's 666 votes. Shaughnessy received 39 percent of all total votes.

In the state races, incumbents Rep. Rick Rand (D-47th) of Bedford and Sen. Ernie Harris (R-26th) of Crestwood both took the majority of Trimble votes yesterday. In Trimble, Rand beat challenger T.K. Broecker 1,992 votes to 773; districtwide, Rand received a resounding 62 percent of votes to Broecker's 38 percent.

Trimble voters also favored Harris over his Democratic opponent, former Oldham County Judge-Executive John Black locally, 1,594 to 1,141; district voters gave 58 percent of the vote to Harris and 41 percent to Black.

And, in the hotly contested national race for Sen. Jim Bunning’s congressional seat, Trimble voters mirrored the rest of the state, giving Democrat Jack Conway 1,291 votes and his challenger, Tea Party candidate Rand Paul, 1,432 votes. Paul also took the state. Trimble voters also reflected the statewide voting mood, favoring incumbent Republican Geoff Davis (1,655 votes) to Democratic challenger John Waltz (1,011 votes).