It’s time to do your part by voting in Tuesday’s primary

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By Jeff Moore

Tuesday is an important day for Carroll County as voters go to the polls to make their selections in the primary election.

For our county, this is more than just a primary because it will ultimately determine who will fill jobs such as sheriff, coroner, magistrate and constable for the next four years.

All local candidates seeking office in Carroll County are Democrats. Once selected in the primary election, they face no opposition from Republicans for these jobs, because no one’s running from that party.

In the race for sheriff, incumbent Ben Smith faces opposition from four individuals who have served as deputies, including two who are currently in his department. Challengers include Jim Hamilton, Jamie Kinman, Eddie Mefford and J.T. Shaw.

In the coroner’s race, incumbent David Whilhoite faces a challenge for the post from former deputy coroners Charlie Webb and Jamie Wainscott.

One magistrate’s race is up for grabs this year as incumbent Floyd Bowling is opposed by former magistrate John Proctor in District 1.

There are contests in all three constable races.

District 1 has incumbent Jimmy Aaron facing Alan Woosley and Gary “Tic” Kindoll.

Incumbent Glenn Chatham faces opposition from David Wilkerson, Chris Reese, David Miles, Marty Gividen and Roy McAllister in District 2.

There are 10 candidates running in District 3 for the seat currently held by Chris Crase. Seeking to replace Crase are Ronnie Walker, Eddie Hewitt, Bruce Westrick, Chris Brock, Joshua Glacken, Chad Lowrance, James Thomas, Greg England and Bryan Crawford.

The News-Democrat published profiles of the candidates during April. This information remains available for voters to review at our website, www.mytrimblenews.com. Take a few minutes to visit the website and review what the candidates have to say before going to the polls on Tuesday.

There are a couple of state and national races that both Democrats and Republicans will find on Tuesday’s ballot.

There are six Republican contenders and five Democrat candidates for the U.S. Senate seat now held by Jim Bunning. On the GOP ticket, voters will select from Rand Paul, Jon Scribner, John Stephenson, Trey Grayson, Bill Johnson and Gurley Martin. On the Democratic side, the selection includes Darlene Price, Maurice Sweeney, James Buckmaster, Jack Conway and Daniel Mongiardo.

There is also a race for the Republican nomination for state senator from the 28th District between incumbent Ernie Harris and Don Godfrey.

The candidates have been busy making their appeals, knocking on doors and campaigning at local events. This will continue until the polls close Tuesday at 6 p.m.

I encourage everyone who is registered in either party to head to the polls Tuesday to make their selection. The system works best when there is more participation.

And in some of these races, a few votes can make a big difference — especially those with a half dozen or more candidates.

George Nathan, a former editor of the Cornell Daily Sun, said it best: “Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote.”


Jeff Moore is publisher of The News-Democrat and The Trimble Banner and resides in Carrollton.