Heavy volume of truck traffic a concern on Wentworth Road

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My family and I live on Wentworth Road, neighboring the land LG&E has designated for the proposed ash landfill. Lately, we have been subjected to constant large truck traffic from 6 in the morning to as late as 8 at night. In the last two weeks, it has been extended to include Saturdays and, this past weekend, they worked all day Sunday.

There is nothing quiet about this. What was a small country road traveled only by the mailman, is now a veritable interstate! These large trucks roar down our little country road as if there were no residents here. A few weeks ago, a semi picking up a loader accelerated as he rounded the corner in front of our house, barely missing the car of a parent picking up a child from my daycare. The parent was walking to the car, child in her arms, when this happened. If the car had been hit, the woman and child would also have been hit and killed!

We called to complain and were told by LG&E’s Project Manager that he would let the company know but “we can’t control the subcontracted people.” I would certainly like to know why not, since they are paid by LG&E. Are we to wait until someone gets killed?

Frankly, it is bad enough that we have to endure the noise and chaos that is now a part of our lives. Neighbors have asked for and gotten signs on the Ogden Ridge side since then, but only about half of the drivers heed them. We also need signs on the Wentworth Road side because many of the subcontracted people seem to see it as their own personal drag strip.

This situation is only going to get worse and something must be done to regulate this truck traffic before someone gets killed.

Andrea Dunlap

Bedford, Kentucky