Hauler thanks city for Bedford waste contract

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I would like to take just a moment to say a great big “thank you” to the Bedford City Commission for awarding the 2011 city trash collection contract to Elite Waste Services.
Your confidence in our ability to service the community is appreciated. We will do everything in our power to uphold the high standard of service that we’ve set in the rest of Trimble County.
We look forward to working with the city of Bedford and all its residents.  
Also, a “Thank you” is in order for the service that Rumpke has given for so many years. Rumpke is a great company, one of the top 20 largest trash companies in the nation, and it’s a privilege to compete with them for business in our home county.  
So next time you see one of their drivers beside the road, give them a friendly wave for the great job that they’ve done.
Finally, my cell phone is always on and I encourage Bedford residents and all Trimble County residents, to call anytime with questions about our services. That number is (502) 663-1580; the office number is (502) 268-5044.
Thanks again, Mayor Clifton and the Bedford City commissioners. We look forward to 2011.

Myron Barnes
Elite Waste Services