Fire prevention: Cooking safety tips

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Carrollton Fire Prevention Office

Spring is here and it is time to talk about cooking safety – especially around the grill. As we  head outside to enjoy the nice weather, we should also be mindful of the dangers of gas and charcoal grills. Grills placed and used too close to a structure can cause unwanted damage and even a home fire. Please allow extra space between your grill and your residence.

 Don’t just assume that your home is safe because it is brick. A grill fire can easily chase into the eaves of your home and spread to the attic. Never use your grill inside your home or garage. This increases your chances of a fire and also allows toxic fumes to travel throughout your home. If your grill top catches fire, take caution, close the lid, and call the fire department. If your grill is fueled with gas then you can turn off the gas if it is safe to do so.  Remember that your grill needs space from outdoor activities. Please keep games, pets, and children away from a hot grill. If you smell gas or believe your propane cylinder to be faulty, don’t chance it and call the fire department.

Remembering these tips can keep you, your family, and your home safe this spring and summer. In the event of an emergency, dial 911! If you would like more information or to have one of our trained fire prevention specialists come out and perform a fire safety survey of your residence please call 502-732-7041 or email us at gbeck@carrolltonky.net.

Safety Tips

•Give your grill some space:

•Refrain from using a grill inside a home or garage, always use outside in a well vented area

•Allow plenty of space between your grill and the side of structures

•Do not operate under trees, power lines, or your homes eaves.

•Remember to clean your grill frequently to prevent buildup of flammable fatty greases

•If your grill catches fire and it is safe to do so: close the lid and shut off the gas

•If you smell gas, back away and call the fire department!

•In the event of an emergency, dial 911!