Fall hunting season open in Kentucky

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By Lorrie Kinkade


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Clean out the freezer and grab your gun or bow: Deer season has arrived in Kentucky.

Archery season for deer opens Saturday, Sept. 6, and the animals are plentiful in Trimble County and the surrounding region, says Matt Whalen, an officer with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources.

Whalen said last year’s outbreak of chronic wasting disease does not appear to have taken a toll on the population in this area, or elsewhere in the state.

“The experts in Frankfort are telling us the state’s overall population was not hurt at all,” he said. “So far, there have been no reports of it yet this year in Kentucky; but that can always change, and hunters should report any sick deer they find.”

Whalen said all zones and bag limits related to deer and in effect last year will continue for the 2008-09 season.

The only change mandated by KDFWR, Whalen said, pertains to the taking of squirrels, which opened last month. This year, squirrel hunters in Kentucky are allowed to use 17-calibur or larger air rifles.

“The most important thing for people hunting in Kentucky is to remember to keep harvest logs. Logs aren’t required on all animals, but it isn’t a bad idea to get in the habit of keeping one every time you go out,” Whalen said. “Deer must be tagged and called in prior to leaving a carcus. That is the best time to complete the log, too.”

Hunting seasons for dove, bullfrog, wild hog, groundhog, coyote and squirrel are open.

In Kentucky, deer archery season runs through Jan. 19; crossbow is allowed Oct. 1-19 and Nov. 8 through Dec. 31. Muzzle-loaders are permitted Oct. 18-19 and Dec. 13-21, and modern gun season is Nov. 8-23.