An example of being Fibromyalgia free

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Harmonizing Health with Patrice Joy Masterson

I had a client named Sam who had a variety of fluctuating symptoms ranging from aches and pain to depression, insomnia, anxiety and exhaustion. Although the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia usually involves women patients, he was given this diagnosis by his physician. When Sam came to me he was at his wit’s end. We started a Fibro-free Quality of Life Treatment Program which includes a once-a-month core program with take-home follow-up activities, add-on options and free support activities.  

Sam changed his diet to reduce sugar, dairy, hydrogenated fat and wheat products. He left off diet drinks and added omega oil, greens, organic fruits, vegetables and nuts. He attended the core program consisting of the following therapy session in positive psychology, gentle massage, Reiki CranioSacral, Sound and movement therapy and Tai Chi. I recommended time walking in nature uplifting his spirit and gentle expansion of his lung capacity. Deep-ening his breathing  was an important part of increasing the oxygen flow through his blood stream to nourish his organs and build his immune system.

Journaling to inspire self-reflection, internal review and processing of his life choices was a new concept for Sam, but he applied all the suggestions with fervor. Mindfulness-based stress consultation along with self-hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming helped Sam build a bridge between his conscious and unconscious mind to have greater inner control of his emotions and motivations. The crystal bowl sound therapy with toning created energy movement at the cellular level of stored trauma. Tai Chi also increased self-awareness and mobility. A warm aqua pool aided in the improved range of motion and helped muscle pain in conjunction with use of the Bio-mat infrared therapy

Sam began to learn the relationship between his thoughts and his pain and how to affect these in specific positive ways. After just a few weeks Sam reported an improvement in all the symptoms that  had originally prompted his visit. He not only found more meaning in life, he told me he had found greater enjoyment and inner peace.

Patrice Joy Masterson, MA is a Life Coach. She offers personalized and group enhancement and holistic programs at the Harmonizing Health Retreat in Bedford, Ky. For more information call 502-255-0622 or go online to www.harmonizing-health.info.