English School grads planning reunion

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By Sharon Graves

The News-Democrat

Students who went to the English School for any length of time are invited to a reunion-planning meeting to try to reconstruct the timeline and friendships of a bygone era.

Sue Leite, a former student there from 1950 until 1958, is spearheading the reunion and has planned an organizational meeting for 1 p.m.  Friday, April 17, at the English Christian Church at 3477 State Hwy. 389 in English.

The reunion is planned for the early fall, but no date has been set. Leite hopes to collect pictures and memorabilia from former students, get them scanned into a computer and have them available at the reunion.

The exact year the school began is somewhat uncertain, but it is known to have been in existence in 1929, because there are pictures of it then, Leite said..

Leite explained there used to be five feeder schools in the county — Locust, Worthville, Sanders, Ghent and English — that eventually led into the Carrollton High School.

At one time, however, English did have its own high school but the year the high school was closed and began to only go to the eighth grade is also uncertain, according to Leite.  

She hopes that many of these gaps in the history of the English School will be filled in by the time the reunion comes about.

Local resident Ruth Adams, explained in a recent interview that she graduated from English high school in 1933. She proudly showed off her graduation announcement, complete with name card and several group pictures from the time frame she attended.

Adams, sharp as a tack at 93, knew the names of most of the students in the group photos that included every child in the school in 1930. Not only did she know their names, but she also recounted where they lived and who they married.

The school building still stands in the big curve in the small hamlet of English and has had life as a furniture factory, in addition to being a school.

Leite invites all who would like to plan the reunion to attend the meeting April 17, but if that’s not possible to please call her and give her contact information at (502) 732-9193. She can also be reached at leitesc@bellsouth.net.