Drug-testing, ball-field plans too liberal

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I have been told the school board is still going forth with the idea of building a high-end, costly sports center that will only benefit a very small minority of students and a couple of coaches that seek job security for years to come.
We the taxpayers will be paying through the nose for years to come [through] increasing taxes for the upkeep of such a liberal, off-the-wall idea during a recession, keeping in mind there is not that many jobs here or anywhere else for we the taxpayers!
So who will see the tax increase? This is the worse timing since 1932, with the continued loss of state money and students that attends our schools in this county every year.
Now some on the school board wants to over-step their powers and take our minds off the sports center by wanting to play with the teachers’ and students’ rights and the 4th Amendment and started testing students and teachers for drugs that they may or may not be using while at school.
Just think, the majority of our youth in our county is not getting very well-educated the way they should be as been reported, so they play the old shell and pea game on us.
Many of our teachers do their best with what they have to work with, some do not. Now the students and the teachers are targeted with this off-the-wall idea. We already have law enforcement with dogs coming to the schools and this is a great idea but the teachers, students and we all have our rights until we become a liberal socialist police state.
Question is, what’s next with the liberal thinking? Will at some point they demand law enforcement follow the teachers and students home to kick the doors open, checking to see what meds they may have to take? Looks like to me they have forgotten that we the community owns the schools and allow them, the school board to serve us, the people, not the other way around.
Come the next election, we the community may want to think of replacing some on the school board that is on a power trip.

Bob J. Scott
Milton, Ky.