Drought resources in County Agricultural Investment Program

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Well it looks like we missed the rain again this weekend.  We received 0.14 inches of rain at my office and 1.79 inches of rainfall for the month of July.

In light of the current drought and extremely dry conditions in much of our Kentucky counties, the Kentucky Agricultural Development Board directed staff to develop a fact sheet, highlighting eligible investments through the 2012 CAIP that could help mitigate drought issues.  The investment areas are as follows:


Cooling fans, shade cloth & sprinklers
Investment Area:
Commercial Poultry, Dairy & Swine (dairy)

Temporary or permanent shade (excluding trees)
Investment Areas:
Agricultural Diversification (equine), Cattle Handling (beef & dairy)

Forage baggers

Investment Areas:
Farm Structure & Commodity Handling

Forage mixers

Investment Areas:
Cattle Handling (beef); Commercial Poultry, Dairy & Swine (dairy)

Portable feedbunks

Investment Areas:
Farm Structure & Commodity Handling; Cattle Handling (beef)


Investment Area: On-Farm Water Enhancement
Eligible cost-share items include materials
(including filter fabric pads), parts, equipment*,
cost of hired contracting construction, drilling
and equipment rental for the following on-farm

On-Farm Ponds (development of new or enhancement of existing)

Sub-surface aquifers & wells (drilling, establishment)

On-Farm Springs (development, piping)

Small Stream Water Basin (construction)

Permanent automatic waterers

Farm cisterns (materials)

City water hook-up

* Eligible equipment is defined as equipment used as part of the on-farm water enhancement system, including permanent waterers, underground piping and fencing (up to $1.50 per linear foot) to protect water source. Eligible equipment does not include the purchase of construction or drilling equipment

Water, irrigation supplies & equipment
Investment Area:
Agricultural Diversification (horticulture, equine, small animal, sod)

Alternative Water Sources
Investment Areas:

Commercial Poultry, Dairy & Swine (poultry);
Ag. Diversification (pastured poultry)
Waterers, automatic waterers

Investment Areas:

Cattle Handling (beef & dairy); Commercial
Poultry, Dairy & Swine (dairy)

Trimble County has already held the sign-up for 2012 so you may want to check with administrator Laraine Staples if you would like to check into the possibility of changing investment areas to better respond to the drought.

For more information call the Trimble County Cooperative Extension office at (502) 255-7188.
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Michael Pyles is Trimble County’s Cooperative Extension agent for agriculture.