Derby cars shouldn’t be targeted in city

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By The Staff


I may be wrong, but I was under the impression that different events that are promoted in town were to bring in people: the Blues Festival, car shows, the Scottish Weekend and Demolition Derbies.

When people attend these, they spend money for lodging, gas, food, etc. You get the trickle-down effect, which then helps tourism. Isn’t that the main goal? I think we’re a town not a city, such as Louisville. Some enjoy culture, others derby cars.

Those who participate in this have to work on them in their off days, as most hold down full-time jobs. So these cars have to be easily accessible. There’s a lot of money, time and effort put into this in order to give themselves and others pleasure.

So why come down on the derby enthusiast? I see a lot of other things that need cleaned up and fixed in town, and a lot of it is on the mostly traveled streets, not side streets.

Retha Simmons