Cross country parent writes in support of Coach Vincent

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Letter to the Editor


I am writing in regards to the article that was in the July 20 edition entitled “TCHS track/cross country coach suspended.” The parent that provided the information for the paper failed to mention some important facts. My daughter has been a part of the track/cross country team for three years and I feel I may have some things to add.

First of all, Jeff Vincent is an extraordinary person. He is a wonderful teacher, counselor, coach and mentor to many, many kids, not just in Trimble County but all over the state. He never fails to put the kids’ needs before his own. He is supportive, caring and concerned for each child that is on his team. He keeps an open line of communication with his team at all times so that they may get in contact with him if they need to.

I have spent countless hours with Coach Vincent and both the track and cross country teams at meets and other team gatherings. I have never seen or heard anything that should cause these accusations to come about.

Coach Vincent and his teams have worked hard to become a successful team whose name is known throughout the state as a strong competitor to win a state title. The determination of the team did not come about because they had a coach who didn’t care. This has hurt them, but because Coach Vincent has taught them to fight for what they love the team will continue to work hard and BE GREAT!

I refuse to agree with or believe that these ridiculous accusations are true. Coach Jeff Vincent would not do anything to jeopardize the sterling reputation of him, The Runnin’ Raiders or the school district he represents. The only crime that Coach Vincent has committed is that he chose to be a wonderful coach and to love and support his team with all his heart and soul.

So with that said I will choose to now support him the way that he has supported so many during his coaching career.

Proud mom of a Trimble County cross country runner.

Suzi Wilberding