Couch addresses 3CDC annual meeting

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By Sharon Graves

Jack Couch, a former Trimble County Judge Executive, was the featured speaker Tuesday, Jan. 20, at  Carroll County Community Development Corporation’s annual shareholders meeting.

“My job is to speak and your job is to listen, and I hope you don’t finish first,” Couch said, quoting 1950s presidential candidate Adlai Stevenson from a campaign speech.

Couch commended the shareholders for the good decisions they have made as they have tried to grow the local economy and improve the quality of life in Carroll County.

Couch shared stories from his life as a Vietnam veteran, a hard-hat diver identifying barges in the 1978 ice flow on the Ohio River and told how he got into politics.  

He said his diving career and politics have many similarities. “They are both hostile environments, and you can’t see what’s coming at you in the often murky waters.”

As executive director of the Kentucky Council of Area Development Districts, Couch advised CCCDC shareholders and officers to continue their good works, especially during these economic hard times.

“I’ve been doing more with less for 40 years,” Couch said.

But, he stressed the importance of also finding time for the most important group in their lives – their families.

“Quality-of-life issues cannot be overemphasized for the important things they are,” said Joan Moore, CCCDC executive director.

Moore discussed the various projects committees in the corporation are working on. One of those is the new trails project, for which she is pursuing grants for the funding needed to complete the project that would link parks in Carrollton and in the county with General Butler State Resort Park with hiking trails.

“We need to stay positive and be ready with projects when things get better,” Moore said.

So far, Carroll County has received $350,000 in new grants, and another $127,000 may still come, she said.

The shareholders also re-elected the 2008 slate of officers for another year: Officers remain Bill Welty as president; Greg Goff, vice president; Malcolm Carraco, treasurer; and Jim Fothergill, secretary.

Also on the board: Ruth Baxter, Dennis Raisor, Carrollton Mayor Dwight Louden, county Judge-Executive Harold “Shorty” Tomlinson, Nick Marsh, Kathy Wolpert, Scott Niswonger, Bill Osborne, Lisa James and Kanute Rarey.

The CCCDC has three standing committees: quality of life, commercial and industrial.