Coronor says drug abuse cause of O’Connor death

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By Sharon Graves

A second Carrollton death has been linked to drug abuse by the Carroll County coroner.

David Wilhoite said Keith O’Connor, 23, died Oct. 23 as the result of “multiple substance intoxication.”

According to the report, the state medical examiner’s office and an independent laboratory found oxymorphone, amphetamines, marijuana, hydrocodone and hydromorphone in O’Connor’s system at the time of his death.

Wilhoite said the type of amphetamine was unknown, and said it could have come from an over-the-counter sinus medication.

The autopsy showed O’Connor suffered from pulmonary edema (fluid in the lungs) at the time of his death, and attributes that condition to the drugs found in O’Connor’s system at the time, and his history of drug and alcohol abuse.

Drugs, specifically oxymorphone, a morphine derivitive, also were determined to have caused the September death of Tommy Jones, 26, also of Carrollton.

“Drug abuse is getting to be a serious problem in Carroll County, I do know that,” Wilhoite said.

O’Connor was found unresponsive by a relative in his 11th Street apartment on Oct. 23, Carrollton Police Chief Mike Willhoite said.

Chief Willhoite reported that there was no visible sign of trauma or cause of death when O’Connor’s body was discovered.