Coons is dedicated to serving Trimble County as sheriff

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By The Staff

Editor: Our sheriff’s department has changed drastically in recent years. Not only the staff, office and procedures, but also the crimes they have to fight. No longer does everyone know everyone else.  It seems the criminals are more devious, hard-hearted and determined to take what we have that they want. What worked a few years ago no longer works today. We have had such a terrible rash of burglaries recently. Have you wondered what our sheriff’s department is doing about it? Well, I can tell you. We both have scanners and we hear Trimble County Sheriff Tim Coons out working leads, searching woods, and using the resources of other units until 3 in the morning, then report to the office before 8 that same morning. He not only is always available to do his job, he is genuinely concerned about the people he serves and does more than he is required. He is working so hard and such long hours that he doesn’t even have time to campaign. That is the test of a true professional, talented and experienced law enforcer dedicated to his job. We are so fortunate to have him working for us, because with his credentials, he can work anywhere he chooses.  Coons has a competent staff that works just as hard as he does. They are always available and prompt. I recently heard one of them handling three domestic-violence calls at one time, and he managed to diffuse them all safely. Why trade in a sheriff who works for one who may or may not be the best for us? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!  

Wanda Penick and

Edwinna Heavrin