Coons can’t protect county, residents

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By The Staff


The upcoming election is very important to the citizens of Bedford. I moved to Bedford almost 15 years ago. I wanted a safe place to raise my son. I found a sweet, gentle town with wonderful neighbors and dedicated leadership.

That Bedford has changed, in many ways, because of the ineffective law enforcement in our county. Recently, home invasions and burglaries are rampant. There is hardly a business within the city limits that has not been vandalized or burglarized.

I was raised in a large city. I’ve never been afraid in my own home until recent years in Bedford. My home has been vandalized; our vehicles have been vandalized; our property has been stolen. 

My children do not feel safe. We’ve invested in a home alarm system. If our home is not safe within a direct line of sight of our sheriff’s office, how much less protection do the citizens outside the city limits have?

We’ve made many pleas to local law enforcement. We’ve been told that nothing can be done. Tim Coons says his hands are tied. Empty promises of increased patrols have been given. Criminals have figured out that our local law enforcement is inept. There is little or no law in the county after 5 p.m., on Wednesdays and on the weekends – only the limited patrol that the state police can provide. Trimble County used to be a safe place to live.

The citizens of Trimble County deserve better.

I appreciate Mr. Coons’ attempts to keep us safe; but, he simply has not been effective. He offers no solutions and only gives excuses. Please, let’s give another man a try. eeWe need someone with more experience and with solutions in spite of limited resources.

The citizens of Trimble County can do better and deserve a safe place to call home.

Michelle Baker

Bedford, Ky.

(Editor’s note: While troopers from the Kentucky State Police Post 5 do help patrol the county during overnight shifts and on weekends, as they do in the five other counties covered by Post 5, the writer’s statement isn’t completely accurate that KSP is the only law enforcement officers on duty during those hours. Trimble County Sheriff Tim Coons has stated that local deputies are scheduled to patrol certain night shifts, with KSP filling in when those shifts can’t be covered by local personnel.)