Congratulations on another successful Trimble County Fair

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By Phyllis McLaughlin

Congratulations to everyone involved in making the 2009 Trimble County Fair a big success.

Though I’ve lived in the county for going on four years and in the area for more than seven, this was the first time I’ve attended the fair here.

To be quite honest, covering Carroll County’s fair, which usually is held a week or so before Trimble’s, was so exhausting that I seldom felt any desire to go to yet another fair – even just to have fun.

But, I want to say that the organizers here are, well, very organized. I was thrilled Monday when I was handed a list of the names of contestants in each category of the Baby Contest. Better still, the lists also included parents’ names and the towns the families live in. All of the names were listed according to the contestants’ numbers. So, all I had to do was listen for the winners’ numbers as they were called out by the emcee.

Even better? There are half as many categories to keep track of compared with Carroll’s Baby Contest. That one has categories divided in three-month age increments, for a grand total of 16. Here, categories are divided in six-month age increments, and one category had no entrants. That’s a lot easier on us news folks.

The women who were in charge of the contest also herded the beaming parents and their winning children over to where I had chairs waiting, so I could photograph each group for the paper. (Those photos and more are on Page 3 in today’s paper.)

There is nothing worse for a newspaper editor than to have missing winners in pageant photos – well, except maybe getting their names mixed up in the cutline. Trust me, no one wants to get those angry phone calls on Wednesdays.

So, thank you. I also covered pageants on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, and had helpers cover Thursday and the Cutie Pie Contest Monday (so that I could get back to putting the issue together for June 24.) With your help, it was an unusually painless experience.

As with any fair, it’s nearly impossible to get even all the names of winners of all the events at a county fair. So, to all those who won the ATV races, Motocross events and truck pulls, congratulations! Perhaps next year, I’ll figure out a way to get all your names.

For now, we have a few photos on Page 12 from some of those events. I’m also planning to put together a slide show for the Web site, MyTrimbleNews.com. That will be posted either Wednesday or Thursday.

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Phyllis McLaughlin is editor of The Trimble Banner.