Concerns expressed over proposed fly-ash landfill

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LG&E has applied for a permit to construct a Dry Coal Ash landfill on the west side of Trimble County. I implore all Trimble County citizens to take a good look at the impact this will have on the surrounding land and county. The Dry Ash landfill (if allowed to be constructed) will have many contaminants that will be dumped into dynamited ravines to construct the 200+ acre site. Although the proposed landfill shows that it will be lined, numerous landowners have been contacted and asked many questions about their ground water and the source of their drinking water. My concern is that if this is such a safe landfill why were so many residents questioned?

Blasting will destroy the ravines, the adjacent land, the woodlands, the wildlife and the topsoil. This coal ash landfill is expected to tower up to 100 feet above the ground and eventually be covered with topsoil, but until then it will be raw coal ash. The landfill is said to be sufficient to use until 2057. During this time period the coal ash will be exposed to the wind and in return is the probability to contaminate the surrounding area with dust and the toxic metals that it contains.

We have witnessed the impact to the areas of Mt. Pleasant and Sulphur with the neglect of LG&E to maintain their properties and the smell of garbage of the Valley View Landfill, what more can this county endure?

I urge everyone to attend the meeting with the Division of Waste management on Thursday, Oct. 6, at 7 p.m. and express their concerns. Keep in mind that the water wells that feed the Trimble and Henry counties are downstream from the LG&E Trimble plant. This is truly something we should all be concerned with—if not for us, for our future generations. Can you imagine the cost of buying potable water from other water companies if our local supply is contaminated?

Thank you,

Kelley W. Leach