City issues warning for illegal parking

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By Dave Taylor

In a special meeting Tuesday, the Bedford City Commission discussed illegal parking on city streets and extended a warning to local motorists not to park vehicles in the middle of streets or in areas designated as “no parking zones.” Citizens should not park where they are obstructing traffic, the commission said.
Commissioner Harold Greene told his fellow commissioners that he had received complaints about vehicles being parked in a no parking zone on the corner of Church Street near the Property Valuation Administrator’s office.
Mayor Russell Clifton said there have been numerous occasions when motorists have parked in the middle of Victory Avenue near the Morgan Community Center and impeded traffic flow. Clifton said the area by the PVA office is painted on the blacktop. “It’s written there and sectioned off,” he said. He asked City Attorney Genon Hensley if the city is within its rights to tow vehicles that are improperly parked.
“You could put a notice on their vehicle that if they continue to park there they will be towed away,” Hensley said. “If they’re in an area marked a no parking zone you can tow them away for safety reasons—there are any number of reasons why you can. We need to let people know that we’re going to start towing them away.”
“This individual that parks here in the street, I have a serious problem with that,” Clifton said, “because on days when we had the food commodity handout here and that vehicle was parked out on the street, you had people trying to go both directions. They’d get out and leave their car.”
If they are blocking the road or impeding traffic of a public street, “then they shouldn’t be surprised” if they get towed, Hensley said.
Clifton said the motorist has been asked numerous times not to park in the street, “but I think it falls on deaf ears and that’s why I’m thinking that we should just pick up the phone and call a towing company and let them suffer the consequences.”