Chief Long has Milton’s back

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April 4 letter prompts numerous responses


I write to you today in response to the letter written to you from Larry Graves. First, let me start by saying I am a career firefighter from Iowa. I attended a weeklong command and control class at the National Fire Academy in February with the Milton Fire Chief, Jason Long. This class was specifically designed for officers of fire departments that will deal with   large scale incidents, i.e. tornadoes.

In this weeklong class, I gained a great deal of respect for Chief Long. He was the only volunteer chief in the class, and we couldn’t tell it. He was as good as any seasoned, big city chief in attendance. He is very knowledgeable and by all regards a great fire chief by national standards. I heard about the tornado shortly after it struck Milton and was in contact with Chief Long within 12 hours of the incident. By all marks, he had things well in hand.

I can assure Mr. Graves and all the citizens of Milton and the surrounding area, you will be hard pressed to find anyone that is as good as Chief Long. Not just in your community, but anywhere.
I cannot believe that he and his department fundraise as often as they do and raise as much money as they do. That’s dedication to public safety.

I promise every reader that it takes a huge commitment to be a volunteer firefighter and even more to be a volunteer chief. I can assure each and every person of Milton that you have a top notch chief who looks after your community and will most definitely give you the best bang for your buck. Chief Long has everyone in Milton’s back, remember that, and have his back and that of his department.  

Lt. Andy White
Muscatine, Iowa Fire Dept.