Changing the world through recycling

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Many people think they don’t have an impact on this world; but they do!

Recycling is something small that you can do that has an overall, big impact on the world. Many people aren’t aware of how important recycling is. Environmentally speaking, it can help limit the amount of greenhouse gasses released from landfill sites, the amount of waste that produces pollution is reduced and it helps make our community a better place to live.

Eventually the amount of space used for landfills will run out. It might not happen in our generation, but for the benefit of future generations to come we need to act now so they don’t have to suffer from all the pollution that we’re creating.

Recycling is something simple to do and in the long run helps preserve our natural resources. When recycled materials can be used instead of raw materials that helps reduce the amount of energy it takes to make certain things.

There are two very convenient locations in Trimble County that accept plastic, newspapers, magazines, office papers, aluminum cans, cardboard or any other paper product. The location in Bedford is behind the Trimble County Extension Office, located off U.S. 42. The location in Milton is behind the city municipal building located off U.S. 421. So take a small step in changing our world in a big way, and start recycling!