Cemetery donation plans have fallen through

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By The Staff


I had hoped that my next letter to the News-Democrat on the Moore cemetery would be to thank Nam Do for his generous contribution of two acres of land to be added to the cemetery. But that doesn’t seem to be the case, as I have been informed that he will not be donating the two acres. Although there have been two meetings scheduled between Nam Do, my husband, Floyd and myself, they have both been canceled by him. Information is given to me by a third party that Nam Do has approved of to be the go between.

Since the cemetery will not be getting the extra land, which we had hoped would be in front of the cemetery to the road, several people have phoned for directions. Here they are: Take Gilgal Road to Zen Forest Road, which turns to the left, go about ¾ mile. There will be a lake on the left next to the road. The cemetery is to the left of the lake. It is behind a 6-7 foot wall of dirt that was moved there from the digging of the lake.

The wall of dirt is about 200 feet from the road and completely obstructs the view of the cemetery from the road. It is surrounded by tall cedar trees on the other three sides. There has been a road cut through the dirt wall on the left side if you don’t want to climb. The cemetery sets about 15 feet or so behind the dirt wall surrounded by a rock wall.

We have had several people tell us that they have kin buried there or know who is but to date we only have two tombstones. With the dry weather the ground has been too hard to prod with a tool. There are many stones standing on end, which mark some of the graves. If you have any information such as Bible records, funeral information or obituaries please let us know. We would like to know who is buried there so when we record it with the office in Frankfort they will be included. There will also be a GPS marker so many years down the road the cemetery can still be found. The information will also be in the Carroll County Clerk’s office so anyone trying to find their kin will know where they are resting.

I do wish to thank Geneva Pettit for all of her help and Ann Johnson of the Kentucky Historical Society of Cemetery Preservation for her information on the laws and her encouragement. This is an ongoing project and will take some time to complete.

Patricia Smith Carrollton