Carrollton City Council

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By The Staff

Voters will be asked to select six of the following seven candidates,

listed in alphabetical order:

Kevin Craig, 49

Owner of Craig’s Inc., including Craig’s Do-It Center and rental business.

Lifelong resident of Carrollton.

Has served on council for 10 years.

(Answers submitted in writing.)

Why are you seeking re-election?

To continue working on accomplishments that have been started, plus many new ones.

What have you done that you feel is most important?

No one thing stands alone. All the work and improvements are very important to the community.

Why are you best qualified?

I have experience working to improve the city for all of you.



Bill Frederic, 51

Local business owner, including Carrollton Inn, the Tiki Bar, Wild Bill’s and Railroad Inn

Has lived in Carrollton for 14 years.

(Answers submitted in writing.)

Why are you running for office?

I believe I can bring new ideas, new thoughts and new outlooks and a fresh, business-like approach to City Council. I’ve owned and operated several small businesses in town. I’ve volunteered my time on several community projects, including the Main Street Board, the Tourism Board and the Chamber of Commerce.

I believe with plain common sense, we can solve most of our city issues and problems, especially in these hard times.


Why are you best qualified?

 I’ve been a member of Main Street Board for seven years and a past president; member of Carroll County Tourism Board for 13 years; member of the Chamber of Commerce board for two years; stockholder in the Carroll County Community Development Corporation; a bachelor’s degree in business administration and economics; local business owner for 14 years.

But my best qualification for the job is my sincere interest in Carrollton’s development. I believe a helpful attitude goes a long way toward making our city one that we can be proud of. I want to stand up for the people of Carrollton.

If you have a problem, I want to help. If laws need to be changed, let’s change them. Let’s take our historic downtown and make it grow. Let’s put an incentive package together to support our current businesses and attract new businesses, such as an antique mall and gift stores.

But most of all, let’s work together to make Carrollton the best it can be.


Mike Gordon, 60

Retired manager from Atofina Chemicals.

Lifelong resident of Carroll County; Carrollton resident for 29 years.

Has served on council for 22 years.

(Answers submitted in writing.)

Why are you seeking re-election?

I enjoy serving the citizens of Carrollton. I feel I have earned your trust and would like to continue being your voice in city government. I bring a lot of experience to the table. Continued progress for the city is very important to me. I plan to continue working for our citizens on addressing their concerns.

Goals: Many people in the city take pride in their city’s appearance. My goal is to see that this pride continues. We have a program in place to assist the downtown business owners in repairs to their buildings. I will ask council to mirror that program for residential areas. I will work with the mayor and council to start a public recognition program for property owners who make repairs to their homes. I will continue working closely with the city code enforcement officers so we may accomplish our goal of cleaning up the city.

Many sidewalks in the city have been replaced. My goal is to adhere to the plan developed to address sidewalk needs; money will be budgeted yearly to accomplish this goal. Once the current program of replacing or repairing existing sidewalks is complete (estimate two years), I will encourage council to continue the program by adding sidewalks where none exist, and to replace and repair curbing.

I plan to work with council to determine additional streets that require total removal of asphalt in order to return the streets to the original elevation and to seek the monies to bring this into reality. I have been and will continue to be an advocate of curb-to-curb paving for the city.

I will work with council and the mayor to make improvements to Point Park that will continue to attract people there. A walking track and expansion of the park boundaries are examples.

Why are you best qualified?

My background includes being a member of the Northern Kentucky Area Development District board of directors, the Local Emergency Planning Commission of Carroll County, the Carrollton Renaissance Committee, past member of the Carroll County Community Development Corporation, past-president of the Carrollton Rotary Club, member of the board of directors for the Carrollton/Carroll County Chamber of Commerce.


Nancy Jo Grobmyer

Music instructor for voice and piano

Lifelong Carrollton resident

Has served on council for 32 years.

Why are you seeking re-election?

The projects we are doing at this time I would love to see finished. The experience I have is valuable to the council.

What have you done that you feel is most important?

The project [salvaging part of] the old firehouse and new parking will be an asset to the downtown area. The most important thing, early on as a council person, was the opening of Point Park and its continued beautification.

Why are you best qualified?

My experience as a member, and my knowledge of the continued inside work of the council. I am punctual, I am available and I enjoy the work.

Tammy Miller McBurney, 50

Retired cosmetologist and hair salon owner.

Lifelong Carrollton resident

(Answers submitted in writing.)

Why are you running for office?

Having lived and worked in Carrollton for my entire adult life, and now that I am retired from my business (Tammy’s Glamourama), I can devote energy and time for this position. I would like to be able to help in seeing that Carrollton thrives for the future.

Having received City Council minutes and reading input from The News-Democrat, it is now apparent that city ordinances and enforcement of these ordinances are on the front burner.

I would listen to what our city concerns are and request reviews of ordinances where the public has the greatest concerns. I am not guaranteeing that they can be changed, perhaps to state law requirements, but certainly can request a better understanding of why they are in effect, so that all can realize the importance of it.

I will work with the city and county government to develop plans that will address the needs of all the citizens of Carrollton.

Why are you best qualified?

I have been secretary of the Carroll County Fair Board and a member of the Chamber of Commerce, the Carroll County Democratic Executive Committee and secretary of the Wesleyan Women’s Missionary chapter.

Dean Miller Jr.

Attempts to reach this incumbent candidate were unsuccessful by press time Tuesday.

Adam Raker, 32

Engineer with General Electric

Born and raised in Carroll County; returned to live in Carrollton in April 2007

(Answered questions in an interview.)

Why are you running for office?

I’m running for a lot of reasons, but I think I’ve been away and have seen the way other small towns have learned to use their size and locations to their advantage. I would like to see Carrollton grow and would like to be involved with new ideas, and bring some new ideas to the table.

I would like to see more people taking more pride in their community, and I think council is a good place to start with that. We have a lot of industries here and a lot of folks who work for those industries don’t live here. I think that’s a real shame. With the economy and gas prices, I think people would like to live closer, but we need amenities to draw them.

There is not a lot for kids to do, and working professionals want things for their kids to do. There are sports and parks and recreation, but we need more involvement in the parks; we had a movie theater once, I think Carrollton could support a theater now; and family-oriented things like bowling and more restaurants.

I would like to see a larger part of the community get more involved. Everyone who lives here should take pride in where we live.

Why are you best qualified?

I have no previous community involvement, but I was in Boy Scouts here for 13 years. I was an Eagle Scout, and for my project I procured paint and organized a crew to clean up the memorial canon on Courthouse Square and repaint it. That was 12 years ago; it’s due again.

I would bring a fresh view and fresh perspective to council. A lot of the members have been there awhile, and that’s not a bad thing. But, if you don’t have some kind of turnover, it gets monotonous. I’ve been to a couple of council meetings, not a lot, but it seems a lot of it is business as usual. I didn’t hear anything that would make the average citizen in Carrollton excited. To serve the town, and to serve it well, you’ve got to have some vision and a growth strategy.

I would like to see a renewed faith in council. If there are things you would like to see, bring these to council. Not just complaints, but ideas. No one knows what the town wants better than the town.