Carroll tops Raiders

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The Carroll County Panthers took care of business Friday night, defeating rival Trimble County, 42-0. The Panthers scored all 42 points in the first half, so a running clock shortened the second half, making it even harder for the Raiders to mount a comeback.
The Panthers’ entire offense was their ground game, rushing 41 times for 384 yards while attempting zero passes. In comparison, the Raiders rushed 22 times for 20 yards and threw the ball once for three yards.
The Panthers and Raiders committed just two penalties for 10 yards apiece.
Trimble County head coach Justin Franklin said his team played with poor technique against Carroll County, something the team has been working on. But the team has lacked stability since this year’s seniors were freshmen in 2010. Franklin is their third head coach over their careers, which has hurt their development.  
“We’ve played with so many coaches in so many years at Trimble County, we had to break them down first and then build them back up. And that’s a slow process,” Franklin said. “We just now got our numbers up. Last year we finished the season with like 13, and this year we will finish the season with above 40. We just now started playing a JV schedule again – they hadn’t for a couple years – so we’re getting the program in the right direction. I just saw a lot of bad technique that we’ve been working and we’ll continue to work on.”
Trimble senior Tevin Taylor battled through the second half with an arm injury, but continued to play hard on both sides of the ball. Franklin said Friday he hopes it is just a stinger. “He fights real hard, but Tevin, unfortunately, he’s had so many coaches in so many years, learning a new system is difficult. But we love him. He’s a hard worker; he sets a good example for everyone in practice. He’s always early, the last to leave, one of our captains, so I thought it was inspiring.”
Franklin said he also thought freshman Skyler Jones, junior David Marsh, sophomore Robert Harris, junior Zach Nelson and Haney played well.
“We’ve got a lot of corners that don’t have much experience playing corner,” Franklin said. “They’ve been getting so much better throughout the season, and they played pretty well tonight, but when our fastest man runs a 5.2 and their fastest man runs a 4.6, they’ve got six men running 4.6s, we just got beat by speed.”
Trimble County (0-9) will end their season in Louisville at KCD (4-5) tomorrow.
Franklin said technique and proper defensive pursuit angles will be the focus of practice this week. “We were taking flat angles, which is what you teach a defense, but they were so fast, we’re running flat and they still beat us,” he said. “So we’re going to work on run angles because KCD is going to bring a lot of speed.”
Final 40 held Thursday
Trimble County football will host the Final 40 event at 7:30 p.m. following practice Thursday at the football field. Parents and fans are invited to come out and honor the seniors. Head coach Justin Franklin said he participated in this event when he was a player at Carroll County High School and wanted to bring the tradition to Trimble County. Everyone lines up on the field, and the coaches talk about each senior. Then, the senior chooses someone to run the final 40 yard sprint with them, which in the past has been the entire team or a coach.  
Franklin said they will order pizza and parents and fans are invited to bring desserts if they would like.