Carroll County Coroner

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By The Staff

David Wilhoite, 55

Funeral director, Tandy-Eckler-Riley; acting Carroll County coroner

Lifelong Carroll County


This candidate is unopposed.

Wilhoite was appointed as coroner after Jimmy Dunn died earlier this year. (Appointed at Dunn’s request to serve the remainder of his term. Required to run to continue to serve the remaining two years of Dunn’s term.)

Why are you running for office?

The role of the coroner means being called in to any unattended death to determine the nature of that death, either at residences or at the hospital. I also have to report to the state on violent deaths, including suicides.

It can be a really big job, following up on investigations, medical examiner reports, etc.

Why are you best qualified?

I feel like I’m capable of doing this. I’m educated in the investigation of cases involving arson deaths. I need to take classes; next month, I’m supposed to take a pediatric forensic class.

I have taken the administration class on paperwork, etc.

I have a background in law enforcement; I attended the Eastern Kentucky University law enforcement program. I’m trained as an arson investigator and firefighter, particularly industrial fires.

The most important role is to be there for the community and also be able to comfort and help families in a time of distress.